Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Photos Please!

We early on figured out one of the "pros" of having a baby with some help from modern medicine. LOTS of ultrasounds! I was running out of excuses for my colleagues about being out of the office by the end of the 1st trimester, but we have been lucky enough to have 4 ultrasouds so far. Most women have had one...maybe two by 13 weeks.

Some "early" photos of Baby Edwards (aka "Tadpole" aka "Tad")

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Rollout

I discovered yesterday that after 13 weeks of keeping a secret, it is COMPLETELY awkward to deliver the message that you are pregnant. Especially to your boss. Your male boss. And male colleagues. Try it ladies. Men get squeamish talking about anything women's health related; add that to the prospect of a three month maternity leave... and people will be happy for you... but awkward.

Shawn laughed at me on Sunday-Monday because I had a "rollout" plan. We are lucky to have great friends and family, but felt like they needed to be told in a certain order. Luckily, Facebook takes care of most of the notification these days!

As most have have suspected, the "getting pregnant" portion of this journey wasn't easy. It involved some significant help from modern medicine, and a Thanksgiving trip that turned into a 18 hour roundtrip drive to Marion. Luckily it has been all worth it in the end.

Men, skip the next post or two if you don't want the details.