Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It was around this time that I was worried about Robbie's speaking.

Annie's 18 month appointment is tomorrow.

I can remember sitting in the waiting room for Robster's 18 month appointment, along with a pair of parents I wanted to punch.  They were with baby girl Tinsley, or Tenley or Shaw or Georgetown or Chevy or something so very DC pretentious with a notebook of her words to take in to her doctor's appointment.

"Oh, Daddy, supercalifragiliousdiexpialadious"-- put that in the book- that makes 127 words!"

Me (in corner fuming): GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE

But tomorrow--  words are something we don't worry about for little sister.

Words ya'll?

She has them.

Can she temper her toddler tude at all? 


But words?

She can sing a few lines of Happy Birthday.

Knows the words butterfly, giraffe, and elephant.

Can follow the command of "stand on one leg like a flamingo?"

And ya'll .  She repeats everything.

Eve. Ry.  Thing.

Be warned.

We've got to get her started on drafting that stump speech.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Not excellent

I haven't been excellent at blogging lately. 

Haven't even been mediocre. 

I HAVE been making three to four dinners per night, on account of picky eater meeting picky eater meeting strange I haven't been pregnant in two years aversion to any meat I cook from raw to cooked.

I HAVE been staying ahead of the laundry.

Throwing a few special outings in there.

But the blogging?

Not so much.

So some photos?  You want some photos?

You know like playing tennis.

And sitting in bulldozers.

Have snacks.

And taking doing yoga.

You know, just everyday around here.