Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wandering Wednesdays

It was a gorgeous chilly day today, but after a 5:15 wakeup call, it took a little extra effort to get out of the house. 

So glad I did. 

Met Lindsay and Linden for a walk around the Mall (THE Mall, not the mall).

A little fresh air does some mamas good.

We stopped by the South Carolina monument at the WWII memorial for the obligatory Palmetto Baby-Palmetto State photo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



6:30 pm:  BABY SCREAM

6:45 pm:  Try to put baby to bed

7:30 pm:  Try to put baby to bed

8:15 pm:  Repeat

(Baby sleeps for 25 minutes)

8:40 pm: BABY SCREAM

(Many soothing, feeding, walking, rocking activities)


9:55 pm: SCREAM!!!!!!!!

10:00 pm:  Baby ini Bjorn.  Mom in jammies.  We pace

10:03 pm: Baby asleep

12:30 am:  Baby SCREAM!  Baby eat.

12:52 am: Baby sleep.

1:30 am: Toddler SCREAM!

(mama.  tired.)

(baby.  cute)


Monday, February 4, 2013

Day at the Museum

Shawn had a man-outing on Saturday, so I had my first foray into double-child duty.  Up to this point, even when Shawn was on a business trip, we stuck close to home.

Not Saturday!

I recruited Jules and Danny, and we knocked out a fun-filled day of activities at National Harbor, including checking out the new Children's Museum.

While it may just be a really big playroom with new toys, it did the job.

Robbie was a charmer. 

Anna Helen? Not so much.

She's had a couple fussy weeks and was in full force on Saturday.

Luckily in a loud room of toddlers, a wailing baby in  a Bjorn goes fairly unnoticed.  And a room full of parents helps keep an eye on your adventuresome toddler- sends their five year old to retrieve Robbie's shoe out of the playstructure, grabs him when he tries to run, etc.

I did get my first "you are adventurous" and "they sure are close in age" comments from strangers who realized that both kids are mine.

Thanks to Jules and the whole village of DC parents who made our outing as successful as it could be.

Raising ruckus.  Edwards style.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday

It has been a great day. 

We started off with brunch with Angela and a friend of hers who was visiting this weekend.

Then went to Church to hear Pastor Donna preach the Word.  As always she did a great job and we had the opportunity to take part in lunch and discussion about Mount Vernon Place, it's history and where they hope to take the Church and the next several years.   I believe we have found the Church home for which we have been looking for several years.

And are closing the day with a very exciting Superbowl game.  Robbie just wishes his Redskins were in the big game.  Maybe next year.