Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help (Another) New Mom Out!

I have three friends having babies in late spring, early summer...

(hi cck, tmomalo and jersey!)

For them I made a candid registry must-do. 

Mamas out there?  Add your must haves. 

At least two of the three of them are heading to do the cold sweat registering this weekend.

If you recall (and I'm sure the archives will show you), I HATED registering.  I did it half ass.  My awesome sister signed on to my account and added things I never knew I wanted or needed.  Then there we things we wanted and things we needed.

I am copying and pasting an email I sent to one of these friends.  Please help!
  • Register for a variety of bottles. Not all babies like all kinds. We've had best success with medela and playtex ventaire.
  • We still use our boppy daily.
  • Register for a pump if you are planning to breastfeed. And for all the implements.  Breastfeeding SUCKS AND HURTS. But is so worth it if you can to help the baby. Don't give up too soon if your supply is good!
  • Don't register for blankets. You will get too many.
  • Register for a 12 pack of cloth diapers to use as burp clothes.
  • Register for and/or buy only ZIP-UP jammies. Makes life way easier.
  • Bottle spin drying rack.
  • Don't forget to register for a couple toys. We didn't. The winkle rocks. Rattles too.
  • Get a bundle-me for the carseat, esp if you are up north.
  • For a highchair, we love ours that straps onto a normal chair at the table. Not a stand alone. (it's the fisher price space saver).
  • If you can get at a consignment shop, get an extra boppy for the family dog/cat. Daisy loves "hers".
  • At the hospital, take a receiving blanket the baby has been in home to put in pet's bed. It'll help prep her for the "pack".
  • Our swing plugs in instead of running on batteries. It saves lots of dinero and time by not having to replace expensive D batteries.
  • Don't register for clothes. You will get lots of them.
  • Don't FORGET to register for socks. You will never have enough of those.
  • We got an electric nail file last week. Love it. Cutting baby nails is the worst..
  • Register for several tubes of Desitin. You won't need it easy. You will go through it quickly later.
  • Register for a diaper bag that BOTH of you are comfortable carrying. SkipHop has some nice ones. Make sure you can wipe out the interior.
  • Get a 12 pack of cheap-o bibs.  Babies spit up.  Lots.
  • Splurges?  The damn Sophie the overpriced giraffe.  And the Baby Bullet if you are thinking of making your own food.  It has been a lifesaver.
  • An extra pack and play from a consignment or garage sale for each grandma's house!
  • We LOVE our foam tiles for the floor now that we have a thinking-about-crawler.  Costco has them.  BRU has them.  Register for them.

Robbie says he can't wait to meet all the new babies!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Change up

We have been very lucky with all things Robbie.  Easy going, smiles a lot, sleeps through the night.  We are however having a little issue with him spitting up.  We have been using the Kirkland brand formula for the last several months with pretty good success until the last couple of weeks.  Not sure what the deal is but he has certainly had some issues - this being our first we are not sure if this is just what babies do our if he is having a little trouble - so we have now made the big move to Similac Sensitive Stomach.  We started him on it today with mixed results this evening.  Hopefully we will have a better report in the days to come.

In other news we went over to visit our friends the Becks this afternoon.  A good time was had by all.  We took over take out for lunch from Crystal City Sports Pub - possibly the best bar food in the DC area.  Robbie had a great time playing with Charlie and Hudson.