Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Gets Better

In no way meant to marginalize the "It Gets Better" official movement, but I'm launching an "It Gets Better" Mom movement.

Those first four weeks ya'll? 

They stunk.

Big time.

Then you sit and think "I think this is stinking and it is something I want so much so I must stink too."

Lack of sleep messes with your mind.  It confuses what is happy and sad.  It f's with your good emotions and turns them into bad ones. 

And you are in your house. 

It takes 45 minutes to even think about going out.

And when you go out you have to plan where to breastfeed, if to breastfeed, if not to breastfeed how much formula to bring, oh yea, does my baby need an official nap, when do babies nap, my baby is only 5 weeks old do I need him on a schedule, let me google schedule, let me google baby napping and BFing in public and should I even be taking my baby out, why is everyone saying that my baby looks like an adult does that mean he isn't attractive, my baby is laid back should I google is there something wrong with him.

Your brain works like that when you aren't sleeping enough.

It is a big run on sentence with googling mixed in.

And then one day it turns.  Your baby?  He likes to sleep. 

And it isn't a bad thing.

You turn the volume down a little on the monitor so you can sleep too, but hear him if he cries.

And he cries less.  And needs to eat less often. 

And you sleep more.

And the run on sentences stop.

At six weeks?  Totes gets better. 

Trust me.

Friday, October 28, 2011

2 Months

A few days ago our little man turned two months.  Can you tell if he has grown? 

(Guess which mama is anxious for the weight check at the 2 months appt on Monday to make sure her baby is finally getting enough to eat?)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up

I sent myself an email about three weeks ago to brainstorm all the things I wanted to blog about...

Mommy guilt...

Returning to work...

Being ok with Formula....

Filling my Days...

Baby Sleeping...

My Road-Trip to Visit all the Grandparents...

Baby #2: What to Do...

But the thought of sitting down and writing words and thoughts and emotions has become overwhelming.  I promise I will write about

Who would have thought that going to Costco, the grocery store, making dinner, taking Daisy to the vet, and taking care of a baby would literally fill every moment of my day. 

Not to mention planning those things around feeding a baby, packing what I need to feed that baby, trying to time being at home to feed that baby, and cleaning up the spit-up when that baby decides to reject his whole bottle all over the floor of the vets.

What do you want to hear about?  All those things?  None of those things? 

Just pictures?

(This post brought to you by a froggie butt)

We've Returned

We've returned from our long long road trip.  Stories to follow, but hopefully a photo will tide you over for the time being.  I think this captures Robbie's worried old man look perfectly.

Thanks to my cousin Kim for the beautiful photo session.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Robbie's SC Tour

Robbie and his Mom are in SC to visit his Grand Parents.  He has been the Star attraction in Greenville for several days and will be making the trip the Marion tomorrow to visit my folks.

Robbie's Grand Mom is looking forward to the visit and I believe has notified the population of eastern SC.

In other news Robbie's powerful effect on the powers of good fortune still appear to be in full effect - his Clemson Tigers are #5 in the BCS poll and pummeled the wine and cheese folks from the other (lesser) Carolina.  All is well with the Universe.