Friday, July 27, 2012

On Girls

I'm super excited about having a girl.

Also, super terrified about having a girl.

Girls ya'll?  Girls are HARD.  And hard on each other.  And hard on themselves.

And I'm saying that from the perspective of a girl who is probably more comfortable in her own skin, with her sense of self and with her lot in life than most girls.  (Thanks Mom for that.  I know it wasn't easy).

Today I came across this piece on babble and it rushed back all the scariness of having a girl.

Couple that with being in the Leesburg outlets last weekend looking for a cheesy moment with my husband in the "let's pick out an outfit for our daughter", and getting terrified that everything was pink.  Or lavender!  Or fushia!  Or purple! 

How the heck do I raise the best possible kind of girl?

The kind of girl who is comfortable in her own skin and knows that the sky has no limits.

Is as tough as a boy and can roll with the punches?

Can stand up for herself and her believes, and do so without being scared of what other people (or GIRLS) will think and do and say?

Who knows she is smart and beautiful and kind and loving and perfect just the way she is?

Who chooses her own path and isn't afraid to walk down it?

Who lives life with her best foot forward?

Expects others to treat her with kindness and respect and gives the same in return?

Girls ya'll? 

Girls are terrifying!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mad Skillz

When you are in a daycare setting (and well, a Mom in general), it's hard to figure out what your kid is supposed to be doing, when he's supposed to be doing it, etc. etc. etc.

Fast forward to the sippy cup.

The bane of Robbie's existence.

Why drink a sippy cup when you can pound it against the table? 

Or throw it on the floor?

Or shake it up and down and watch the water splash around.

Ms. Regina and the team at school save the day!  After weeks of trying and failing, it appears that the Robster may finally have the hang of sippycupness.  Just got a few photos texted from school and he seems to have finally figured out there's a reason we keep handing him that fun toy with water inside.

(Note the water on the table that I'm sure was caused by improper sippy use.)
On to walking!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Pictures Please

Having no pictures makes blogging for my grandma-audience quite pointless. 

Robbie he's cute and rushing into full-on toddler-hood.

Today's discoveries?

That he can dominate a plate of tasty La Loma and then smear it all in his hair, ears, eyebrows, face, etc. etc. etc.  Therein lies the trouble with dinnertime out when bedtime follows shortly.  He rubs ears when sleepy.  I took a pea out of there earlier.

Second, it's been hot, so Robbie slept in just a t-shirt and diaper last night.  For the first time.  And the last. 

Let's just say he discovered how to remove his diaper and fingerpaint this morning.  And I was thinking how nice and quietly he was playing in his room while we got ready for work. 

Um.  Gross.

I'm glad I don't have that one in pictures.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not always all that and a bag of chips or kiwi

So we decided to get some kiwi at Costco this weekend for Robbie.  He has tried it at school and Ms Regina said that he loved it.

Robbie inhaled the stuff - his Mother sliced up a whole fruit for him and it went bye bye.  This, unfortunately, is not where the story ends.

On the way to run some more errands "the incident" occurred.  Our first projectile vomit in the car.  Nothing like cleaning all the kiwi off of your child and him handing you a piece to try with a huge smile on his befouled face.

Parenthood - it ain't all glamorous.