Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Six! (Months That Is)

I win worst mother of the year.

Dear sweet Jules sent me a text this morning apologizing for not wishing Robster a  happy six months.  And I realize, holy cow, he turned six months yesterday!  And I totally forgot.  Winner of a mother here.

Not that six months is significant, but it just seems more important than five months.  Or seven months.

Maybe it is because I had an August birthday that I always loved the half birthday. 

Ok.  That was an aside.

SO, we have a SIX MONTH OLD.  That's like 1/36th of the way to being parents to a college student!  1/32th away from a drivers license!  1/10th of the way to kindergarten.  (cue: sunrise, sunset)

What has changed in the last mont with our sunny boy?

  • He's still Mr. Sunshine.  I secretly think that all the teachers at school love him best.  I'm sure the other moms all think that too, but I REALLY think it.

  • Spitting up is a major problem.  Robbie has his 6 month doctor's appointment on Monday and that'll be the main question we have.  It's gross, its a pain in the butt, and it's embarassing.  (Yes, I know babies spit up all the time, yadda yadda, but it's tough when he voms on other people's carpets, their shoulders, their hair, etc. etc.).  He's become Captain permabib. 

  • Socks are apparently the most interesting adventure ever.  If there's one sitting on the ground near him, he rolls to get it.  He starts every day with socks o his feet and never has the on when we pick him up at school.  He likes to chew on them... is he trying to committ suicide by Trumpette?? (seriously though Moms, if anyone has a suggestion for a sock that a very determined sock-getter-offer can't get off, tell me!  please!)

  • Robbie has not only one, but TWO teeth!  Now it isn't so cute when he tries to gnaw on your chin.  It mostly hurts.  I think we've past the grumpy side of teething for now, but as you can see, we had quite a few weeks of finger chewing before the chompers popped through.

  • He doesn't yet know how to sit up and that worries me.  It is probably on account of the GIGANTIC head, but Mr.-I-used-to-hate-tummy-time can't be kept off his stomach.  When I sit him up in his Boppy, he rolls over it and onto his tummy.  This is probably the first milestone that Robbie's looks to be a little behind on.  Cursed Edwards fivehead!

  • He LOVES eating.  We're up to two meals a day and shooting for three.  He cries when the food is over.  He's starting to lean out though, so I worry he's not eating enough.  Or it could just be that he's growing taller.  Wait and see until Monday, I guess.  On the food front we have done avocado, apples, peaches, pineapple, pears, bananas, mangos, green beans, peas, broccoli, black beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, refried beans, guacamole, mixed veggies and yogurt.  Any suggestions on what to add next??  I'm scared to give him something he has to chew. 

  • He's a roller.  And is getting really curious.  We need to do something stat about our deathtrap 1926 row house.  I went to make a bottle and came back within 2 minutes and he had rolled 8 feet and was pulling on the laptop powercord.

  • He's social.  We had a great playdate with the neighborhood moms a few weeks ago and can't wait to host another one again this weekend.  His best buddies at school are little ladies-- Ol*ve and K*tja. 

  • The Exersaucer RULES.  He parties when we put him in it.  If we say "jump jump jump" if he laying down, standing up, anytime, he bounces up and down really hard.  We'll have to get a video of that.

Happy 6 months sunny dude!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Blogging is much harder when you are back and work and have that little Catholic guilt gene that doesn't let you blog during work hours. 

I'll be back with exciting titles like

TEETH!  What are they good for?
The six month sleep regression? Is it for real?
Sophie the overpriced giraffe
Mommy-tracked.  How to avoid at all costs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello Palmetto Baby readers. It's Paula - Shawn's sister in town visiting for the long holiday weekend from South Carolina. As many of you may know, I lived in the DC area for nearly 15 years moving back to SC in 2006. There have been a only a few moments of regret since I moved away- that is until Robbie came onto the scene. It truly tugs at my heart sometimes to think of all I could be experiencing with him if I still lived in the area -those things insignificant and not so insignificant! What I know now is that every moment we (the entire SC Edwards gang!) spend with him is special. Every giggle, smile, and coo seem to garner an over-the-top reaction from one of us. And that's OK!

So, do I have any regrets about being so far away? Maybe, but I know there will be many memorable moments ahead with Robbie and I intend to enjoy each and every one!