Thursday, March 20, 2014

March-- In Photos

Lots of fun beings had around here-- just haven't gotten around to uploading the instaphotos for the grandma audience.  Here's a catchup.

Highlight:  Annie thinks the remote is a cell phone.  She walks around with it constantly saying "Allo??  Allo?"

They both dance constantly.

And sibling rivalry is fun and exhausting.

Go read this post:

And then write a letter. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Furstrated Southerners

Ok we had a great time this weekend at the zoo.  The weather was nice and it was beyond nice to get outside.  Both Robbie and Anna Helen were wide eyed at all the animals, particularly the elephants and panda bears.

Church today was good.  Annie was a special guest star in Sunday school this morning due to the fact that she lost her mind for 10 minutes when I left her in the nursery - my mistake.

Which brings us to this evening - I, as is Susann, am a proud child of South Carolina.  We love the idea of snow and LOATHE the reality of snow.  For the 10th (ok more like 5th - again I am a Southerner and we like to "polish" a story) we are getting snow in Washington.  Supposedly 6-8 inches  FUN FUN.

I think I can speak for the greater Capitol region when I say - WE ARE READY FOR SPRING!