Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Bib

Oh... The bib

It's not good when your note from daycare says "Robbie spit up A LOT today"

We thought we had gotten it under control with some extra burping, but after my shoes, my gym bag, our hardwoods and Daisy's head all got baptized at different points today....

Trial by spit fire.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Things They Don't Tell You

When you are all in I'm having a baby bliss, there are things they don't tell you about being a new Mom.

New Moms should KNOW THESE THINGS.

Particularly if they are type A/DC planning/overachieving/anal types.  Like I may or may not be.

1)  The key point?  The first six weeks are HARD. 

Think of how hard you think they are going to be and then multiply it by 10.  Yes.  That hard. 

New Moms have GOT to talk to old hands while they are in the fog.  They need to know they are calm and rational and doing a good job and not crazy. 

I've got a few friends having babies in the next few months, and I've tried to impart this wisdom without totally freaking them out!

2)  Freaky thing happen whenn hormones are in play.

Weird stuff happens with you are all PREGNANT HORMONYED UP.  And then the next day you aren't. 

Your allergies kick back into full gear.

Parts of you ache that you didn't know you had an achy place.

If you have a c-section, you totally lose feeling everywhere below your bellybutton.

Your hair falls out.  In chunks.

My newest?  You develop a sensitivity to platinum and wearing your wedding rings makes your skin blister and peel.  #Yuppieproblems.

Pregnancy.  It's weird.

Hope I didn't scare anyone...

But then you get one of these!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Robbie made a huge step today.  Susann posted a video and it is true -  Robbie crawled for the first time today.  EXCELLENT.  He is starting to make some real progress on the movement front.  This is good and not so good news.  We are most pleased that he is progressing but looking after him is getting ready to get a lot more difficult. 

We are starting the baby proofing process - order the baby gates this week.  We have much more to do with the cabinets and other precautions but we will get there - hopefully before Robbie does.

Exciting times!

Off To the Races

It looks like it's time to baby proof.  As of today, the Robster has mastered the army crawl.