Saturday, May 28, 2011

What will they think of next

It is pretty amazing the products that are available now to help care for babies. 

Everything from a breast simulator to the "Carlos" baby carrier.  I believe the Pee-pee Teepee take the prize.

Instructions: Hold feet with one hand so legs are at a 90 degree angle and place Pee-Pee Teepee on wee wee during diaper changes.

What will they think of next?

Lots to look forward to.

I wonder if Susann wants to get one of these for Daisy?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shower the People...

(1st, I LOVE James Taylor... Shawn got us awesome seats to last year's JT/Carole King concert and you would've thought I'd died and gone to heaven even though we were 20 years younger than anyone else in the room).

With that aside, I received in the mail yesterday and invitation to my own baby shower!

As my awesome friends and family know, I'm not much of a girlie girl.... but if I had to have a bridal shower, I guess we have to have a baby shower.

And several of my awesome ladies have stepped up to throw one in July.

My only requested ground-rules: 

1)  No silly games (i.e., guess which candy bar is melted in that diaper)
2)  My guests shall have the option of "adult" beverages

I don't excel at the girl things in life. 

I'm not sure my wedding would've happened if Jess hadn't set me down with a checklist every few weeks that let me know how behind I was getting on planning.

I figured with the wedding though, I was paying professionals who do these things every single weekend.  If they screwed up, its because I picked poorly.

You can't hire professionals to prep for a baby.  Or to have a baby.  (I mean, technically you can... but... really). 

I had lunch with another mama-to-be today who is about 7.5 weeks behind me, and she was talking about the window dressings she's having made for the baby's room.  

And I'm just proud that the room is empty and ready to be painted and decorated. 

We'll get there. 

I promise.

See the empty canvas.

Jess, do you have a checklist for this?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Edwards' BFF

Baby Edwards' future best friend was born today after a long journey by his mom and dad (Jules and Chris) to get to this point. 

Danny and Baby E. will be right about three months apart, and I look forward to seeing them grow up together.

Welcome to the world Danny.... your mama and I are going to figure out this parenthood thing together!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Purging Some Good Stories

(Those who object to a little rowdiness may want to skip this post.  This may mean you Mom).

While I didn't technically have any "stuff" in the junkroom/office/nursery, I decided to jump on the purging bandwagon with Shawn and got rid of a few things of my own that didn't need to be seen by Baby Edwards.

Not to mention the fact that both of the closets in the master bedroom are "mine"... I decided to surrender a clothing rack to Shawn.

I did the great clothing purge sometime last year, getting rid of almost anything that qualified as "going out" clothes.  Gone were the sequined tank tops.

And the infamous python-print leather pants.  Those pants saw my 22nd birthday in Los Angeles during the 2000 Dem Convention.  (P.S... it is way too hot in LA in August to wear leather pants).

Let me start with,  my 20s were fun!  Lots of that fun was had with Shawn...

I can't lay claim to a sleeveless tank that says "Hot Damn". 

But I did surrender these two jewels:

T and Jay should recognize these iron-on letters on the left.  They come from a day that started with shopping for high heels in women's size 13, bright pink and orange wigs, and extra-thick hose. 

I learned a few things that day:
1)  I'll never wear my cute orange sundress again
2)  Women aren't the only people who can put on a fabulous pageant.

And again on the right. I said farewell to the team uniform of the 2004 Beer Olympics.  Again there with the learning, and again with my wingwoman for much of my 20s, T. 

What's a skull cap without a little learning:
1)  Always pack a snack
2)  If your male teammates for any type of competiton are 120 lbs soaking wet, find some new teammates.
3)  Never count on T for navigation.  Even if you are 2 blocks from home.

We have lots of life lessons to teach Baby E!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting ready for the next chapter

I had a pretty good time when I was single here in DC.  That changed for the better when we got married and we are about 12 weeks our from another "big" change. 12 weeks and lots to do.  Susann and I spent sometime cleaning out the storage/nursery room on Saturday.  Lots of stuff that for the most part we can live without.  I am losing my t-shirt and casual closet to baby Edwards.  During the big clean we stumbled across everything from pictures to music cds to old mail.

One of the t-shirts we found was from the Braddock era of my life.

If you are having a hard time reading it it says "Hot Damn Get Fired Up."  Lets just say I did not get that one in Sunday School.

All the clothes went to goodwill and just about everything else went in the trash.  I hope the next person who gets this shirt has as much fun in it as I did.  A very small price to pay as we get ready for the big day.

Next weekend we hope to have the nursery painted.  Susann is starting to get anxious about getting everything done - I believe the term of art is "nesting".   She is a week out from the third tri-mester so I guess she might have a point.  Lots to do.

Things That Only Make Sense in Bizarro World

(Or pregnant world).

My dinner tonight was exactly what I wanted:

It took a 1 1/2 bags of spinach to make this big bowl!