Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crawling Is...


Awesome in the sense that your baby is learning a new thing and won't be a 18 year old rolling across stage at high school graduation.

But crawling?  It's a LOT of work!

Robbie has mastered the army crawl. 

And he moves QUICKLY!

Does he crawl to mom and dad? 

Of course not.

The things he crawls towards? 

Dog bowls.  Flip flops.  Power cords.  Dog Beds.  Dogs.  Paper.  Glasses. 

We took a piece of grass out of his mouth tonight.  How it got there I have no clue.  Flip flop?

He's a boy.  I'm sure there are lots more gross things to come.

We need to baby-up our house.

We're building immunities up in here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Trouble Is...

I'm falling behind as a blogger-- I realize this.

But I have a no-blogging at work policy.

The sprint between getting home and baby bedtime is vicious.

Between both of us.  Home at 6:00-6:15.  Pee dog.  Diaper baby.  Wash bottles.  Start dinner.  Change from work clothes.  Feed baby dinner.  Play with baby.  Feed self.  Bathe baby.  Bottle baby.  7:30 bedtime.  Wash bottles.  Clean up after dinner.  Get ready for day.  9:30 bedtime.

It's not easy.

And I get sleepy early.

So Mom, I know you are thinking, where are those darn baby stories and pictures.



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy weekend . . .

Lots of things going on this weekend.

On Saturday after 8 great years I said goodbye to the old Accord.  Sold it at CarMax and have to say it was pretty painless.  We are now back to being a one car family - found it hard to justify 2 when we live 2 blocks from the metro.

Today was also busy.  I got the grass cut and taxes done but the best part was our morning activity.  We left the house around 8:30 and headed down to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms.  We were not alone but it was not that crowded and while it was overcast it was still beautiful.  Not sure my son is going to be to happy with these pictures when he grows up but until then . . .