Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Crib for Our Crib

I think my husband may have picked up on the fact that I've been shopping for a duvet cover for 4 years now... And a black cardigan for half as long... After tiring of my sending him online links of options upon options of nursery furniture: Shawn took the plunge for us and ordered one of the sets I sent without getting my ok. And I am SO GLAD HE DID. We are now the proud owners of a crib (some assembly required), and a dresser/changing table combo (even more assembly required). It's been some time since we've put something together without the Ikea issued hex key. Let's hope this baby will end up with a crib with four legs. And four walls. Thanks to our good friends at Overstock, we now have this furniture in Cherry. And just in time-- this week, I felt Tad move for the first time. Everyone said the first time you feel a baby move it is a cross between indigestion and butterflies. I know this wasn't turkey tacos, because Tad literally flipped when I drank a Sprite a few days ago. Baby like sugar way more than mama does.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OWW: Do I Pass the Smell Test?

So... do I pass the smell test?

Remember back to last week, the garlic old wives' tale?

The gist of the tale: They say that if you eat a clove of garlic, and the smell comes out through your pores then you are having a boy. If no garlic is detected then you are having a girl.

Well, I took some poetic license with it.

Mostly because I had some ground turkey I had to use for dinner tonight.

And Shawn is at a business dinner.

So I made turkey tacos, since he hates taco dinner.

So I'm renaming the garlic test into the.... TACO SEASONING TEST!

Tacos are full of all kinds of pungent smells... chili powder, onions, garlic, and my favorite cumin.

So take garlic, replace with cumin. Take clove, replace with "mixed into your ground turkey" and you have:

THE TACO TALE! They say that if you eat a turkey taco seasoned with cumin, chili powder, onions and garlic powder, and the smell comes out through your pores then you are having a boy. If no cumin, chili powder, onions and garlic powder is detected then you are having a girl.

The taco tale says girl.

Or maybe I just smell like the four tums I had to take after I finished my taco.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Things to Worry About

Of course there are things to worry about...

I had a dream the other night that I woke up to tiny bites on my toes. I kicked it off and it went away for awhile before it started again. About 20 minutes (in dream land) later, I stripped off the bed covers to discover tiny crawfish crawling around in my bed biting my toes.

Do you think that indicates anxiety?

Like, did you know that it takes 10-14 weeks sometimes to get a crib shipped? And that at 19 weeks now, we are no closer to finding a crib than we were 19 weeks ago.

When we were 8 weeks pregnant or so, our PERFECT nursery furniture set was on sale at Costco. We thought about buying it, but I was too paranoid. I didn't want to be that lady with nursery furniture and no baby to put in it.

I've discovered that everything else doesn't compare to that set. It's either twice the price, not as nice, or both. As someone who has been shopping for my own bedroom furniture for going on 11 years now, I have a feeling we're going to reach a critical juncture pretty soon.

I'm not against Cr@igslist, but things are getting snapped up in 10 minutes that are anywhere near within the Beltway. And I'm not going to drive to Leesburg for a used crib.

We're also in the passively looking process of thinking about moving before Tad makes his appearance. That gives us less than 15 weeks or so to make a decision on whether to move, decide what to do with our house(s), pack, move, get settled.

Piling on the worries!

I've arbitrarily set April 15th as the deadline for any big decisions that are going to be made between now and 2012. Baby gender will be known by then. Baby name will be set by then. Taxes will be filed. Decision on house will be made by then?

What else should we add on top??

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Susann and I got to tour a daycare center in the building next to our office.  Believe it or not our friends with new babies have told us that we are late in getting on the "waiting list" - nine months until we will need it. 

The facility was nice and is located in the International Development Bank (IDB).  The center is bilingual - English and Spanish - which we liked a lot and it is very close to our offices.  We will see if we are lucky enough to get in.