Friday, July 22, 2011


So, maybe I'm a worrier.

My mom's best friend growing up was a worrier too...  she called her Wanda Worrywart.  I quickly became Wanda, Jr.

I went through a phase convinced I was going to die young of a tragic terminal illness.

In college, I was told by a psychic, I would die young in a tragic transportation accident.

I'm a worrier by trade.

And I'm worried about becoming a new car owner tomorrow.

I haven't had a car at all since August 2001, when I sold the Probe after five great years together.

Can I handle the responsibility of a brand new car?

What if I wreck it on the way home from the dealership tomorrow?

What if I scratch it?  Or run into a pole in the parking garage at work?  Or back into a mailbox?


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Miss...

I miss...

Being able to leave DC.

If I had to have one "complaint" about this pregnancy, it has been the travel ban.

I went to NJ for a one day (not overnight) business trip in April. That's it.

I enjoy traveling for both fun and work.  It mixes things up. 

I wish I could take a weekend in South Carolina.  Or get on a plane and go somewhere with Shawn.

I have my first post-baby business trip on the calendar already as of today.  Four days at a conference 10 days after I'm back at work.  And then I remember I'm going to have a 5 month old at home.  And an awesome husband at home with him.  And then I had my first dose of guilt.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update... 35 Weeks

It has been 4 weeks since I posted by last pregnancy 101... or how's it really going now that the heat index is supposed to hit 115 on Friday?
I'm 35 weeks pregnant today, which marks the time that I start going to weekly appointments (like a normal pregnant woman!).  Because of some previous concerns, I do get one more ultrasound, so hopefully by next Thursday we'll have some idea on how big (or small) Robbie is in there. 
As of today's appointment lots of the "June problems" are officially gone!  My blood pressure is normal.  I'm no longer losing weight (although not gaining it).  My uterus isn't measuring 18 months pregnant.  And the previa has moved!  No more mandatory c-section!

Baby is head down.  Cha cha is doing what it is supposed to.
We had a little "concern" last Sunday after my baby shower where I had some cramping and bleeding, but everything seems to have stabilized on that front.  My mom was still in town and I didn't want her to get worried, so I waited until Monday to call the doctor.  They did another ultrasound and the baby is looking and acting how he is supposed to.  I am now, however, on alert for any other signs of early labor.  I need my maternity leave perfect scenario to work out.  Hang on until at least August 19th baby!!
So on to updating the meme from the June 23rd post where I was 31 weeks.

How Far Along Are You? 35 weeks pregnant today!

How Big is the Baby? Robbie is now the length of that 17 inch computer screen you are looking at, and might be as long as that 20 inch computer screen your hubs has to play his games on.  And he's kind of laying across my belly, so you can tell his exact position if you look closely enough.  He should weigh about 5.5 pounds by now.  I think all 5.5 pounds are head-butting my bladder as we speak.

Maternity Clothes? I still haven't worn anything that is maternity, but I am starting to see some of my normal clothes get tight.  Baby E is sitting kind of high, so it is mostly my shirts that are getting short.  Nothing that can't be solved by wearing a long camisole under my shirt.  I am down to about 6 outfits in my "its hot and this is comfortable" rotation.  I don't think I'm going to add any more.  I have one suit that should make it through the pregnancy, or at least until Congress comes to a debt ceiling deal and goes on summer recess.
How are you Sleeping? Rough question for today.  We've had to be at work at 6am the last two days, so our schedules are a little off.  I sleep well from 10:00-11:30.  11:30-1:00.  1:00-2:30.  And so on.  Last night I was wide awake from 3:15-4:30 just counting the time coming off the clock.  I'm also having crazy and vivid dreams that make my sleep a little fitful.

Strangest Moment of the Week? Robbie is a prolific hiccuper.  In the morning.  After lunch.  At 3am.  Hence the 3:15-4:30 moments this morning.  He is getting on a "schedule" of sorts.  Or at least responding after meals or juice.  He's usually awake from 7-845am, 945-11, after lunch for awhile, and again in the evening from about 630-8.  Now.... he sleeps and so shall I.

Food: Good or Bad? I can eat.  That's an improvement.  But as things are getting squished in there, I get full a lot quicker.  Or I don't realize I'm full until about 30 minutes after I finish eating, and then I am miserable for a couple hours. 
Edamame is still delicious.  I've been craving sushi and Greek food.  I made the mistake of eating a peanut butter and pineapple sandwich a couple weeks ago.
I am craving Diet Coke BIG TIME.  And not having more than one a day, but I still feel guilty about.  The baby's heart rate was over 170 at this morning's appointment and I had a pang of diet coke guilt over that.  (Go ahead.  Judge me)

Do I miss having a cocktail? After days like today I work, I miss the OPTION of a cocktail.
What's Next? Baby room is pretty much together. We only need a couple of small things, and we are ready to go.  This weekend is for buying a car and getting blinds in the window of the baby's room. We definitely don't need any more clothes! 

What are you Nervous About? Going into labor early.  I shouldn't have googled some of the innocuous things my doctor said during this morning's appointment.    This may change as the heat rises, but I really want this baby to come on time.   Not early.  Not late.  Nice and on time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Maternity Leave Project

Yes, I know I'll be too busy during maternity leave to do anything else but hang with Baby R.

And yes, I know I have no concept of what it will be like.

And yes, I've been putting off said project for going on 2 years now.

But hey, I have a maternity leave project.

My friend CK and I shared a recipe over two years ago.  It was one of Pioneer Woman's recipes for what Shawn now calls "sin sauce".  (Go check it out.  You will need an angioplasty, but you will be happy to have it: )

I don't hate cooking.  I can stand it.  But I don't like coming home from work at 6:30pm, and facing the prospect of 90 more minutes before dinner.

And thus began my cooking philosophy. Minimum effort. Maximum taste.

Veggies.  Proteins.  The works.

So we've started (well, restarted) a blog that has been all that time in the making.  Tasty Easy.

Our goal.  To share recipes with each other.  And you.  Minimum Effort.  Maximum Taste. 

I won't claim recipes I got from other places.

I won't claim to be a great cook.

But I'll try. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Food Nesting

I was chatting with a buddy tonight about the fact that we've gotten a great deal of our pre-baby prep done.  The nursery is set up.  The clothes are washed, folded and sorted by sizes.  The pack-and-play is assembled on the main floor for the first few weeks.  The stroller is put together, and the car seat is ready to go.  We have almost everything we need for Baby Robbie, and will go to the stores this weekend to close out the few things we need on the registries.

What else do we need besides a baby?

Well, for one, we want said baby to try to hold off visiting us for five weeks.

Next stop:  starting to rebuild my list of dinner-in-30-minutes-recipes.

I don't have much freezer space, so I'm not really able to do the cook-ahead thing. And I realize that cooking dinner will be the last thing on my mind for the first few weeks. But I want to use maternity leave to add some more tools to my recipe box. 

So, here's where you come in.  Share your favorite easy recipes with me!  Veggies, proteins, sides, lunches, salads, breakfasts, crockpot... share them all!  My only requirements are that they take a minimum of prep to table time, and use ingredients that I've heard of and can find in my neighborhood grocery store!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 years ago today

I proposed to Susann Miller.  I have made some good decsions in my life but NOT ONE has been greater than that one.  We do not get to pick our parents but I have to say that Baby Robbie is a lucky little dude with SME to be his Mom.  I also hope to contribute.  I once was told that there is nothing like marrying the right woman and there is nothing like marrying the wrong one - truer words have never been spoken.

Here is to fifty more Susann.  I am a lucky man and so is Robbie.