Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas: Snapshot

(Because you can't write your New Years post until you finally write your Christmas one... and did I mention Annie's 2nd birthday post?  The one that is almost a month old now?  But well...)

Our Christmas wasn't short on ugh.

As 2014 would want you to have it.


1559 miles driving.

More sickness.

Rain rain and more rain.

Family changes.

Loud toddler roommates and double beds.

And ham.  There was lots of ham.  And ham sweats.

And I conceded the Miller family poker game early because of brother smug, losing for the first time... well... ever.

But it was long on love.  And fun, and great times.

Birthday parties for Jesus, baking with Bookie.

Carols with Aunt Erin, and crying when it is not your turn to open presents (I'm looking at you Annie).

And thinking it is all over and awesome with just the stockings.

It warms your heart when your kid wakes up and says "I need to play with my cousins Mama!", and seeing those preschoolers tumble around like puppies. 

So here's to more joyous Christmases, leaving some of the ugh behind.