Friday, May 20, 2011

Enraptured by the Rapture

Growing up Catholic, you don't know the Bible as well as your Protestant brethren.  You know the main stories and characters... the commandments... a few Beatitudes.  But somehow along the way, we usually miss the hellfire and brimstone parts.  Which I guess explains why this week was the first time I'd ever heard of the Rapture.

So I turned to my handy reference tool, wikipedia, and found out that allegedly tomorrow, May 22th, the rapture is happening.  All the good people are taken up to heaven... the rest of us will be left down here to... fend for ourselves?  Vow to change?  I'm not sure what happens next...

Other than a few well placed joke ideas of leaving a couple of old outfits laid out like the person vanished, I'm not sure how to celebrate this event.

Looks like we'll just have to proceed with our brunch plans as they are (we know at least a Beck or two will be left behind also :) ), and continue cleaning out and prepping the nursery. 

If I peace out, by some miracle, can someone make sure that the walls get painted taupe and the crib and changing table get put together sometime in the next month?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

I swore I would never complain about being pregnant-- so this isn't a complaint about that.  This is a complaint about getting sick WHILE being pregnant.  Totally different, right?

I took my first couple "sick" hours in about three years yesterday. 

Woke with a wicked headache, a sore throat and a fever.  And of course, promptly went to work.

I have to save all those vacation and sick days for my kick arse four months maternity leave... right?

Well, after having to stand up and take a walk in staff meeting because I felt like I was going to pass out, I quickly finished the memo I needed to get out and had Shawn drive me home.

Forgetting that the construction workers would be next door.  With the drilling.  And the hammering.  Resulting in the utter and complete inability to sleep off whatever was ailing me.

I had a moment yesterday where I googled pre-eclampsia, the most common issue that leads to pre-term labor at this point and freaked myself out.  I was woozy (check), running a fever (check), aching (check), blurring vision (check).  Mistake.

Those are all signs of a cold also, dummy.

Or just feeling a crappy.

Lucky, Baby E seems to like his Mom feeling ugh, because it feels like he's been doing the hustle in there the last three days.

Then you google things like "is increased movement a sign of fetal distress"?

And you realize what ludicrous questions people ask on Yaho0 Answers.

So finally, you decide to take a Tylenol, your fever breaks, you have a great night's sleep and its all over.

Don't take medical advice from the internet, kids.

I feel much better today-- not 100%, but better.

Monday, May 16, 2011


100 days.

Well, in three hours, it will be 99 days.

That's how long until Baby E's official due date.

150 days ago, we found out we were pregnant.

And now 100 days.

Seems really soon.

I'm starting to have some strange anxieties about things that I know will be ok.  I only know two pregnant women right now, and the one I'd most like to overlap a maternity leave with is going back to work as soon as Baby Edwards is here.

I'm worried about not having that support of women going through it with me.  Especially ones that are only a walk or dog park visit away. 

Will I be lonely?  Can I stay out of work for four months without losing my mind?  Will my friends with kids thing I'm crazy if I say "can we hang out"? Often?

Will things change with my friends that don't have babies? 

Will those that want them be able to have them, and those who don't understand that there's room for them in my life?

100 days.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Susann and I are looking forward to the day when our child is baptised - we have not really found a home church here in DC though.  Our excuse is that there no church that we have found that is closer than 30 minutes and the fact that Susann is Catholic and I am not.  We most likely will end up at an Episcopal (Catholic Lite) church in Alexandria.  We both believe strongly that our son and, Lord willing, his brothers and/or sisters will be raised in a church family.  We just have to find the right place and we will.

The spark for this blog is that Susann and I had the honor of attending the baptism of Collins Speed this morning.  The service was proceeding apace when it came time for the families, their was one other besides the Speed's, walked down the aisle to present their children for baptism.  Collins was out cold in her fathers arms and only woke up when Gordon passed Collins to the minister.  She really woke up when the water splashed down her back.  All in all it was a beautiful ceremony and Collins came through like a champ.

We have a great deal to look forward to.