Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seven Months!

Again, seven months and a few days. 

It's hard to remember in the evening spring to get the camera out and find the playing cards and find the right number and get the baby to smile without spitting up the food and bottle you just gave him.

Our dude?  He's great. 

As smiley and laid back as always, save for when he isn't feel well. 

The metrics of the last month?

  • We have our crawler.  You've seen videos.  You've seen really dirty white onesies from the army crawl/inch worm.  He's not really interested in getting up on his knees, but is quite quick at trucking from power cord to power cord, and dog toy to dog bed to dog bowl.  As I said before... builing immunities!

  • His favorite activity?  Suicide by sock.  We put him in socks every morning.  They NEVER make it all the way to school.  Not only does he take them off again and again, he then stuffs them in his mouth.  We've stopped trying.

  • He's thinking about pulling himself up on things when sitting.  Time to lower the crib.

  • He's sitting!  Finally!  ish.  We'll take it.  He will sit for a couple minutes, he just doesn't WANT to.  When the alternative to sitting is crawling, why the heck would you want to sit??

  • Shawn thinks that I've scarred him for life with the bunny ears photo.  I think its hilariously cute and awesome.   A professional photographer approached us on the mall and asked if he could take pictures of Robbie.  And the Robster started crying.  He clearly doesn't work for free!

  • No more food clunkers since broc!  He even had brussell sprouts last week.  His teachers at school have figured out that the food I make is whatever is on sale at the grocery store that week.  Darn right it is!  Don't want a picky eater.

  • He is demolishing his exersaucer.  I think we might have a... spirited... young man on our hands.

  • He's learning how to laugh.  It's awesome.  (Video of exersaucer demolishing and laughing at the same time)

It's not easy to get this youngin to keep from grabbing his seven month card...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good weekend

Aren't they all?

We had a great weekend. 

I got the grass cut over at the rental house on Friday - what goes for excitement changes once you have a kid.

On Saturday we went to Costco and I swung by the liquor store to get a good friend and excellent bottle of Scotch for his wedding coming up in May.  Then we headed over to a friends house for dinner (it was homemade pizza night) and had a wonderful evening.

Today the event of the day was a Christining reception.  Oh and there was a 30 minute special on HBO about season 2 of Game of Thrones - can't wait until next week!