Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In documenting things


I totally judged (well not really, but thought, damn), my SIL when we got no posts about #3

I totally get it.

I blame FB and Instagram.  It's just so easy.

So I'm dropping in here for posterity and reality to document James' first word.

We were seeing some dadadadadas non-directed...

I got a mamamamama when I went in this morning to pick him up....

But it was us convincing ourselves.

And just like last time, the teachers at daycare reported "Yes" as a word.

I hadn't mentioned it to them, but I had heard some "Yes" in the last week, but I didn't say anything

Because baby's first word isn't yes.


But apparently it is.

Annie, we'll see your "Dexter"

And raise you a "Yes".