Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

To say "I love you" seems inadequate and to say "I respect the heck out of you" seems well deserved.

I wrote these words on my facebook page last night.  Every word is true.

I, and more importantly Robbie and Anna Helen hit the jackpot.  TWO amazing women in our lives - one I had no choice in and one that I did. We have been blessed beyond words.

Blessed beyond words I will grant you can sound a little  . . . over the top - but it is so true. 

My Mother is an truly amazing woman of Faith who I have seen take some of the most challenging events life can throw at a person and she (along with my Father) brought the family through.  We came through with not always a "happy face" but by her determination that would have done almost anything to see her children positioned to succeed. 

Somehow, by the Grace of God, Susann came into my life and became the Mother of our children.  You have to be blind not to see the same strength of character in her.  I like to think I do a great deal to care and provide for our family and the reality is not to far from that.  Having said that "Momma is Momma" - there is a story, shockingly, behind that quote.  When my Mother was a child she was sitting in her Father's (Papa's) lap when he asked her, "who do you love more me our your Mother?"  Now to frame the story my Mother loved Papa with all her heart but she answered him with this - "Daddy I love you but Momma is Momma."

I am under no illusions how my children will answer the question Papa put to my Mother - "Daddy I love you but Momma is Momma."  No answer could please me more.