Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today's Shawn's 3(ehm)th birthday.

How far we have come since celebrations at 10 cent wing night.

Tonight?  I went to a work event and left a pork chop and some peas for Shawn to feed himself for dinner.  Who says romance is dead??

The boys did great and I hurried home.

As you can tell, Shawn is my very favorite person in the world. 

I always thought it was cheesy when people said they married their best friend.  But, frankly?  There's not another person on this earth I'd rather spend time with.  Doing something.  Doing nothing.  It doesn't matter.

Shawn's a great man... and there are several "Shawn" attributes that I hope Robbie grows up to possess:

1)  Being the most kind and friendly person that anyone has ever met.  Doesn't have an enemy and doesn't know a stranger.

2)  Voracious talker, reader and student.  Smart as a whip.

3)  Laid back.  Mellow yellow. Easy going.

4)  Fan of football-- going and watching!

Happy Birthday to Shawn!  We're off to a great start

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Training Wheels - Long Weekend

As many of you know Susann and I enjoyed our dating lives.  Good times..  Many late nights and a great deal of fun.

On our "negative 1 year anniversary" I decided that it was time to get a dog.  One of Susann's coworkers had just gotten a jack russell and I thought that would be perfect - and it has been.  Daisy is a great dog.  She also had the unenvieable task of being our training wheels.  What do I mean by that?  No more late night outs - having to take responsibility for something that can't do it for itself.  While it certainly not the same as having a child it is a nice middle step.  I think Daisy trained us very well.

Speaking of Daisy we had a little of scare on Friday night.  Daisy who sleeps in the bed with us (yes yes I know BAD parenting) woke up and got sick.  ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Many times.  SCARY. 

I was the first in the Vet's office on Saturday morning. 

They were great and worked us in quickly even though they were very busy.  The Doctor checked her out very thoroughly and basically came to diagnosis that she had eaten something that did not agree with her.  The treatment was an iv for dehydration and shot for the nausea.

 The doctor thought that would do the trick but if the nausea continued we could have a real problem on our hands and would need to go to the doggie ER.

It worked - Daisy got sick a couple of more times Saturday but she was clearly in much better shape. 

By late afternoon she had had some water and eaten a little and she slept through the night on Saturday. 

She ate some more Sunday morning and when Susann came home from the grocery store she jumped off the sofa and ran to Momma.  We are very thankful that it looks like she is going to be fine.

Thanks Daisy for getting Mom and Dad ready for Robbie - now get better so you can continue the training.

And standing guard.