Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I try to leave politics out of this blog.

I will continue to leave politics out of this blog.

Shawn and I are opposite parties. 

We are both rational.  Unlike politics these days.  On both sides of the aisle.

We probably agree on more things than we disagree.

But today, I (Susann, who does not speak to all the politics of our family), get REALLY MAD when I read articles like this one:

People may know know that last November, Mississippi tried to pass a "personhood" proposition.  Regardless of where anyone may fall on choice, it would have outlawed any type of fertility treatments.  OUTLAWED.

I'm glad it's legal to have our little dude.  Thanks to Shady Grove.  And medicine.  And laws.   Let's keep it that way.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Months

Five months in.  Wow.

That's like.... less than six months and way more than four.

Actually, five months and one week. 

It sure does take a lot of time and energy these days to find time to sit down and write a "real" blog.  With facts.  And data!  And stories.

Our little dude is amazing.  Here's why:

  • He LOVES daycare.  Loves it.  Ms. Regina, Ms. Hyacinth and Ms. Pearl seem to love him as  much as he loves them.  Maybe they tell all the Moms this, but they say he is unbelievably aware and smart and easygoing.  His class is a mix of eight kids from 8 weeks to 14 months, and he is doing his best to keep up with the big kids.  Today?  He fingerpainted!  The teachers said they usually don't let the babies do it, but Robbie wanted to and did awesome.  He came home with some pink paint in his hair, and that's ok with us!  It was such a worry and drama to think about daycare, and to not get in until 6 days before I was heading back to work.  But we couldn't be happier.  What do people do who aren't on waiting lists for 10 months like we were???

  • We successfully backed bedtime up from 9:45 to 7:45-8:00ish.  Without too much drama.  Much better for baby, but it stinks to only get to spend 90 minutes or so with him per day.

  • He's napping!  Finally!  Thanks daycare!

  • He can hold his bottle and often prefers to.  It makes the mornings and the crazy 90 minutes between getting home and bedtime a little easier, but its sad to not have that baby cuddle-time.  BTW.  He is not and has never been a cuddler.  I'm not a hugger.  I wonder where he got it?

  • We have no ability to contain Robbie.  None.  He has mastered the full roll as well as the tummy scootch.  He can move himself 4-5 feet in about 5 minutes.  He's going to be off to the races soon.  Yikes!  At school last week they found him 10 feet away from where they had put him down 10 minutes earlier.  On top of a lady baby.  Oh Robbie.  Shawn thinks he's a couple weeks away from the real crawl.  We'll see?  He's only five months!

  • He likes blondes.  Oh boy.

  • We've found a few more clunkers on food.  Mixed veggies?  Yuck!  Mom's homemade broccoli?  Gross!  (See "broc is yucky" face below)  And saddest of sad?  Our beeb doesn't like peaches.  PEACHES?  Maybe they got him mixed up in the nursery????  I have some peaches frozen from our boxes this summer that I'll be "making" this weekend.  If he doesn't like those, we're going to have real problems!

  • Robbie LOVES Daisy.  LOVES.  Rolls towards her.  Grabs her ears.  Tries to lick her.  The feeling appears to be mutual.  Let's see how it goes when he starts crawling.

And now?  The five month picture!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great Team

My parents have taught me many lessons, one of the most important is that you have to TELL the people you care about how you feel about them and how much you appreciate them.  Susann was obviously  taught the same.  We are doing OK with this parenting thing and I have to say I am pretty proud of us. 

Enough with the pats on the back - We have had a great weekend with dinner with friends on Friday, a lazy Saturday and a long Sunday walk.  The weather for late January has been pretty amazing.

Robbie is starting to get a little more grumpy and drooly - I think we could have teeth coming through the next time I blog.  As you can see from the videos that Susann has post he has taken to the jump seat that was recently added very well.