Friday, August 26, 2011

Homeward Bound

After a good day of baking wrapped up with the "biliblanket", Robbie and I were released from the hospital this morning around 11:30!

I know I have lots of catching up to do on the blog this week... what happened on Sunday, why we were in the hospital an extra day, how things are going, all our awesome visitors, Daisy, and of course... pictures.

But today I'm trying to figure out what having a baby at the house when you can only take the stairs a couple of times a day means.  We're trying to get things pre-positioned for baby.  Diapers, feeding tools, places to sleep, etc.    Trying to get things pre-positioned for mama for water, food, comforts, Daisy care.

I didn't realize how many things I had on my to-do list between Monday and Wednesday that were left unfinished with baby coming a little early.

I haven't had the "there's a baby in my house" freak out yet.

I'm sure it is coming.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

His Future's So Bright...

He's gotta wear.... shades.

Poor Robbie is officially now an Edwards. 

First, we have an earthquake. 

Saturday looks like we're going to be at least brushed by the hurricane. 

And this morning we woke, packed and were ready to check out, when we got the news that he's lost a little too much weight and his bilirubin (liver) counts aren't great.  So we're sentenced to another night of hospital duty.

As you can tell, he's undergoing his first GTL, Jersey Shore style, under the tanning lights.  This one's for you Aunt Robin!

Nunquam Securus Baby Boy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day in Pictures

I Feel the Earth. Move.

Under my hospital bed!

More baby pictures and stories to come, since that's what you are here for, but.  Wow.  Baby Robbie has inherited his parent's impeccable luck.

Leave it to Virginia to have the worst earthquake in a century within his first 24 hours.

An earthquake?  While in a hospital?  When you can't get out of bed? 

Now THAT is scary.

Thank God my friend Julie was here and grabbed Robbie to keep him safe in case anything went terribly wrong.

And for small blessings... that I wasn't on the OR table for my c-section when that was happening! 

We saved the hospital memo on the earthquake that went out late yesterday afternoon.  We figure it will make a good story for the baby book one day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1 - A few pictures

Robbie, Susann, and Shawn are doing well and adjusting to life as a new family. Susann was a trooper through her 25 hours of labor then c-section and is doing well managing the pain today. Robbie is eating like a champ and is a very calm, relaxed boy! Shawn has become a master swaddler and is a natural as a new dad!

A few pictures from August 22 (Day 1) below.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to the World Robert Lacy Edwards

Shawn and Susann Edwards are elated to announce the birth of their handsome bundle of joy, Robert Lacy Edwards!

Born Monday, August 22nd at 5:36 pm.

Weighing in at 7 lbs and 8 ozs.

Measuring 20 inches long.

Both mom and baby are doing fantastic!

And we're off!

Getting ready for c-section to start in about 15 minutes. Baby Robbie should be here shortly!

It's 4 pm.... do you know where that baby is?

Neither do we!

Dr just came in to check out Susann and there has been little progress in dilation. Susann is mentally prepared for a c-section in a few hours, as the dr indicated that'd be the best option if there is still no progress when she returns to check in an hour or so. I think we'll have a baby within the next few hours...

BTW - Robbie looks great on the monitor! HB is good, contractions are in a good rhytum - it's almost go time!

New Resident Blogger....

After 516 miles this morning (thanks Delta!), sister has arrived! Susann is doing beautiful now that the second epidural of the day is working - much more relaxed and looking amazing.

Updates on an hourly basis until baby E arrives!


Update from the front lines II

Epidural had to be redone.  MUCH better for Momma.  I left for a few minutes to check on a couple of things and come back and Susann has an oxygen mask on.  The epi caused her blood pressure drop - very normal - so they gave her some meds.  Also made her nauseaous - the oxygen helps with that.

We are not making much progress on the dilation - doctor said we should give it some more time.  Robbie seems to be in no hurry to meet his family.

Update from the front lines

Well at 2:30 I was awoken by thy sounds of "Ow that hurts."  The potosin seems to be working it's magic.  The contraction are coming about every 2 minutes now.  Susann is about ready for her epidural.  Having never done this before she is concerned about being a "wuse".  After 2 big contractions in a row however we went from "I am not sure" to "where the HELL are they."

Love and support - Love and support - Love and support.

More later.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Almost there

Well as you can see from Susann's earlier post we are at the hospital.  Susann jumped off the sofa around 4:30 and with a little "oh crap" look on her face.  The next words were "My water just broke!"  After calling our friend Julie - who had little Danny about 3 months ago - Susann confirmed that this was indeed the big event.

She jumped in the shower and I calmly got things ready to go.  The doctor called while she was in the shower.  I was explaing to the her that Susann was in the shower and that she would call back.  The Doctor's response was great - complete silience.  Sensing some frustration from the Doc I said this is worth interupting the the shower.

Doc said come on in and we were off.  I have to say that if we have to drive all the way across town to the hospital that the time to do it is 5:15 on a August afternoon.  We made in 20 minutes.

Amost there kids.  Stay tuned.

It's On

Like Donkey Kong.

Water broke at 4:30.

We're checked in and looks like we're in for some extended labor action.

Blog will be kept updated!