Monday, March 23, 2015

Are they ready?

The question I get most often is... are they ready?

R was only 15 months when Annie arrived, so other than a little less laptime with Mama (which he wasn't really into anyways), her arrival barely dented his universe.

I'm preparing for full on dents with this one.



They get it.  I think they actually get there's going to be a baby come the end of July.

Robbie is firmly convinced we are having a boy.  Has already named him (correctly, so he may have picked up on that from me), and does his best not to kick me in the stomach. 

He tries.

He's largely in casual indifference, and likely will remain there when the baby comes. Maybe?

However, Annie has, against my trying-to-avoid-all-gender-specific-anything- blazed full on into little Mama role.

She tucks her stuffed animals in.


With their  own blanket.

And paci.

Did I mention  all over the floor?


We get a mighty "SHH, baby's sleeping" whenever we try to clean up.

But those of you who know Annie know she isn't known for her...subtlety. Or cautious, gentle approach.

But she's also firmly in "MY BABY" mode.

All babies under 6 months?  They are her babies.

She gets a vice grip and declares them as their own.

Case in point? 

Meeting Baby N, a two week old, who, while cute, is decidedly not our baby.

Annie?  She disagrees.

They may both be more ready than I.

*No babies were harmed during the taking of these pictures