Thursday, September 12, 2013

Road Trip!

At about 930 on Labor Day morning, we decided we needed an activity and headed to Baltimore for the day. 

What could have been a disasterous packed day at Port Discovery turned out to be the COMPLETE opposite.  They are usually closed on Mondays, so no one knew they were open.

It was literally the BEST children's museum we have ever seen... and we've seen quite a few.  We didn't even get to half the exhibits, and still played soccer, played in the sand, cooked in a diner, climbed on a three-story structure, "rode" a train, solved some mysteries and AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS the huge water play room. 

And Aunt Emilie?  They have a traveling Wizard of Oz exhibit!

Annie even showed off her climbing skills.

Wanna go with this fall?  We're in.

We finished up with a late lunch in Little Italy, where Robbie single-handedly polished off a plate of calamari.  He likes the ones with the legs best.

We now have a default restaurant order that is way more entertaining and delicious to parents than a grilled cheese.

Monday, September 9, 2013


As most of you know who are reading this Susann and I are pretty big football fans - particularly college football. 

Football also happens to coincide with Fall which is my favorite season.

It does not hurt that our Clemson Tigers are doing pretty well so far this year.

We sent Robbie to school this morning in his RG III Redskins jersey this morning and everyone was calling his name and giving him the thumbs up as we walked in - of course as I am writing this the Redskins are getting their heads beat in. 

The weather here in DC is showing early signs of cooling down to what Susann likes to call "hoodie" weather.  We have been fortunate this year to have had a mild Summer but we are still loving the cooler weather.