Monday, March 2, 2015

Frayed Ends

Remember how awesome and chill and sunny our kids were?

How everyone commented on how FRIENDLY and FUN that they are?

The Robbie just goes with the flow... hangs with whatever you need?

And Annie follows all the spice with sweetness?


We lied.

We are in the throes of oh-my-goodness-my-kid-is-being-a-total-ahole life right now. 

Clearly... hopefully... it is temporary.

I blame the weather?  The going on 3.5 weeks of being stuck inside?

I'm sure there are other things to blame.  The having of another child?  The inconsistency in the schedules?  The weekends that have been over planned.

We're in full on,  1-2-3, timeout, school acting out, bedtime hot mess time here.

So you, kind stranger, pulling my child off the stage at the music performance?  Again?  With the "natural performer" comment? 

It felt like a well meaning dagger.

And ye, wailing two year old, on hour three of protesting the sleep you desperately need?  I'm not coming in there.

I don't have blogging time because I'm, three hours into bedtime, still doing bedroom laps.

And for real.  Stop taking off your pull up. And pooping the floor.

Spring (or sanity, whichever comes first).  Where the heck are you?


The smiles.  They are lethal.

Don't trust them.