Saturday, December 31, 2011


Today, as we are entering 2012, I'm feeling grateful.

Grateful for the gift of the Robster.

For having the ability and luck to put Robbie in daycare less than two blocks from the new office.

For a marriage to my best friend in the world.

For a job that afforded me the time to get to know our new son.

For the new friendships I developed over the last few months.

For friendships that can change and grow as our lives do.

It may be time for the Edwards family to find a new motto. 

Or maybe Nunquam Securus is just right.

Never easy...

But I wouldn't change a thing.

(And you should totally dress your baby in horizontal stripes)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holy Four Months Batman!

Sometime in the last week we got a four month old.


That's like a semester at college.

Or half a pregnancy.

I can't believe I've been lucky enough to be at home with him this whole time. 

What do you need to know about our four month old?

  • After WEEKS of anguish and stressing and crying and frustration about breastfeeding until 10 weeks old, our little guy is finally on track weight-wise.  At his 4 month appointment on the 21st, he weighed 15 lbs, 3 ozs and was 24.5 inches long.  Right smack dab in the 50th percentile for both.  Welcome to average mediocrity buddy.  We're so happy to have you here.

  • Where is he excelling?  Why, in head size for one.  He's in the over 100th percentile for that.  As our awesome and honest pediatrician said, "we'll watch him for water on the brain, but 99 times out of 100, it just means his Daddy has a big head.  (His Dad?  Has a BIG head).

  • I think the infamous 4 month sleep regression has hit us in a weird way.  Nighttime awesome sleeping?  Not affected so far (but now that I've typed that I'm sure it will happen tonight). 
    Naps?  Are now officially needed.  If he doesn't get a nap or three during the day we're getting some major daytime meltdowns.  With holiday travel our schedules have been all screwed up, so he hasn't been getting an hour that he had been sleeping while we were on walks.

  • We're all set to start daycare (and work for me) on Tuesday.  I'm really pleased where we ended up.  More on that in another post.

  • He continues to not know how to roll front to back, but is a champ at rolling back to front.  It is supposed to happen in the opposite order.  What this means is that he now mostly sleeps on his stomach.  Nothing we can do to avoid, but I'll be happy to pass that six month mark where the SIDS scariness goes down significantly.

  • He loves to have someone sing to him.  He coos and "sings" along most of the time.  The daycare we are sending him has an optional music program that I think we'll enroll him in.  Apparently Shawn was in the choir at Citadel.  Maybe we have another budding musician.  He certainly didn't get that ability or appreciation from his Mom.  (Unless he aspires to be a karaoke singer)

  • Peas are the winner so far for eating.  He ate almost half a container this evening, when usually he was only having a spoon or two full.

  • He's a budding narcissist.  Loves to check himself out in a mirror.  (But really, who doesn't?)

  • He's still a sunny little dude.  Hasn't met a stranger (yet), and is very generous with smiles.  That makes it easier for Mom and everyone else.

We have a four month old!  This month's blackberry photo shoot brought to you in nakey and non-nakey.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Road Trip

Another success.


I can see that roadtrips in the future aren't going to be as quiet and sleepy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's for Dinner Mom??

We have ventured into the land of solid foods.

Well, pureed foods.

If you don't know this about parenting, there are studies on everything.  They give completely conflicting advice, and so far my parenting philosophy has just been to go with our gut.

Some say to start solids at four months.  Others say don't dare until six months. Some say to never start until he can eat a steak.  Some say to wait until baby notices your eating.

Our little baby bird turned four months last week and we decided to give baby food a go before he goes to daycare next week.  I wanted to control the process in a safe setting, and give the Edwards family one of Rob's "firsts" to experience over Christmas.

There is apparently a strategy to baby food.  Start with rice cereal or baby oatmeal once a day for three days, mixed with formula.  Add a new food every 2-3 days so you can identify food sensitivities or allergies right away.  Veggies first, fruits last.

So far the winners?  Sweet potatoes and peas.

Losers?  Rice cereal and green beans.

Next up?  Mixed veggies, Avocado, and carrots.

Lots of Moms I've talked to delayed solid foods because they can be a pain to feed, test, clean, etc.  I haven't found that yet... we're still having fun with it.  And the Robster?  He's.... messy.

I've asked for a Baby Bullet for Christmas, and if I don't get it in the next week or so, I'm going to venture out to buy it or something of the like.  I'm not a huge organ-o, cloth-diaperer, no-enviromental mom, but I do figure on feeding beeb, fresh is best.  I've got some avocado in the fridge to be pureed for our next food, and then plan on making baby food the best I can.

After all, the Edwards men need to eat what's for dinner.
(More on the four month appt in the next post)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Marion

The Family Edwards' made the trek down from DC to the Holy Land (South Carolina) to see the Edwards side of the family.  It is about a 6 1/2 trip and Robbie made it 5 hours before he hit the pause button.  We made a pit stop (gas/bathroom/food/diaper/bottle/walk the Daisy) for about 45 minutes and then powered on through to Marion.

As always it was great to see our family there.  Grandmom had the high school ban playing Jingle Bells when we got in (slight exaggeration) and I believe she and Pop where please to see us.

Saturday was spent "visiting".  Uncle Kevin and Uncle Joey swung by the house and "Uncle" Chuck and "Aunt" Debbie came by with their kids to see us as well as Mom and Dad.  The day was capped off with the Candle Light service at church which I have to admit is my favorite service of the year.  Robbie hung in for most of the service but Susann had to take him out about half way through.  She got a bottle in him and was able to get back in for the end of the service.  All the moving around got Robbie's tummy upset - I had my first siting of the fabled "projectile vomit".  Both Susann and my sweaters took a hit but I am not sure the church pew will ever be the same.

We had a wonderful Christmas day starting with Susann's breakfast casserole and Mrs. Martha's coffee cake.  Then off to Uncle Charlie's Hut (long story) for carols and coffee followed by everyone walking out to Uncle Charlie's grave (Christmas was his birthday) to sing Rock of Ages.  Then to "big" church for a nice Christmas service the best part of which was the blessing of the toys (Robbie's sock monkey got the honor this time).  Then we headed home for a incredible meal prepared by Susann and Aunt Paula.  The deal was they would cook and I would have to clean.  I have never known that that many dishes . . . lets just say we might be using paper plates next year.  Then into the den to open all of the presents.  Robbie has no idea what Christmas is but he does like wrapping paper and he got his spring wardrobe needs taken care of.

We have been blessed so much - Thank you just does not seem to cover it but I guess it is a start.

I hope everyone reading this has had a wonderful Christmas.  Safe travels and good fortune to all in the coming year.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tribe Pride

Robster has several schools he can claim...

Clemson, as you have learned, it our football school.  Neither of us went to school there, but we both grew up going to games. 

But today?

Robbie has some Tribe Pride..

We may not dominate in college sports, but we dominate in lots of other things:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Going on tour

Well we are in the middle of the Christmas season here in DC and Susann and I have been making the tour of Christmas parties.  Robbie was the star of all of them. 

We made our first stop at our friends John and Sabrina's house.  They have a great son, Julian, who is a star in his own right.  They have a beautiful home and an amazing family.  Susann and I drove around the neighborhood afterword and we saw some great houses so John and Sabrina might be getting neighbors at some point - we will have to see.

We then drove into Old Town Alexandria to go to the Lawrence's.  We showed up early (it happens with a 3 1/2 month old) so Jeff got to spend some quality time with Robbie.  We had a wonderful time and got to see some old friends.

One more week to Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


After hearing from 50 people who couldn't comment on the blog...
And realizing I wasn't able to comment on it myself.
I just lifted lots of the security bars to commenting.
Here's to saying hello!  (And minimal spam!)


The Miller ruckus continues. Shawn and I are elated to welcome our newest niece to the world. Welcome Kathryn Olivia (Kate), and great job Emilie.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Family Is Growing...

Not in that way!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the debut of our newest niece.  (Or check out the sidebar, I'm sure baby Kroner will make her internet debut soon!)

Shawn, Robbie and I are excited to welcome a new member to the family ruckus.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dais

When you have a new baby, there's lots of questions people ask you:

"How's breastfeeding?"  ("urgh")

"How does he sleep?" ("awesome, knock on wood")

"Are you enjoying maternity leave?" ("way more than anyone would have anticipated")

"Does he have a personality?"  ("so chill, like his Dad")

My favorite though? 

"How's Daisy handling a new baby?"

Daisy is AWESOME

Our sweet spoiled "first" child has handled having a baby in the house better than either of us ever could have anticipated.

She knows she can sniff the baby, lick/kiss hands, and lick feet, but can't lick face.  And she mostly abides by that. 

She knows to walk around the baby not over the baby.

She knows if we say "no more kisses" to leave him alone.

When she's out in the backyard taking care of business and I need her to go inside I say "where's your baby?" and she runs inside.

And he's starting to notice her.  He likes to touch her fur and tongue when she's around.  He follows her around the room with his eyes, and now rolls in her direction when she's nearby,

The Dais?  She is awesome and we are lucky to have such an amazing dog and "big sister".

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting the hang of this

We have had a full weekend.  Susann has had several events this weekend that left Robbie is my tender care for HOURS at a time.  Susann had a friend lunch with her BFFs Angela and Tamar on Saturday. Robbie and I hung out at the crib doing man things like drinking milk and burping.  Also watched the "Top Ten Fighters of all Time" - you guessed it (Robbie got it on his second try) the P-51D was #1.

The big news of the weekend was the birth of James Hudson Beck to Meredith and Mathew.  Susann made the trip over today to check on everyone and Mom and child (and Dad) are doing well.  Once again yours truely was left in charge for several hours and we both made it through alive - I hate to brag (it is our blog though) but we have a great kid and his old man did ok.

We finished up the weekend on somewhat of a sour note - while rocking my child to sleep tonight the rocking chair that we bought for $60 decided to break - exciting! ^%%$#$@!  Robbie is fine as am I but I am still grumpy but we (I) will get over it.
Guess who dressed the baby this morning?

Friday, December 9, 2011

That Kind of Day

The baby spit up in my shoes.

I didn't realize it until I put them on.

That kind of day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We're Southern, Ya'll

So, our blog is named Palmetto Baby.

We both claim South Carolina as home, even if we live in DC for now.

We were lucky enough to have a "Sip and See" thrown for us in Marion since we couldn't travel there for a baby shower.

Our baby owns a couple smocked outfits, and lots of hand-stitched ones...  and even some "shortalls"

What else do we need to ensure this baby gets his Southern bonafides?

Introduce him early to college football?  (check)

First food as grits?

Buy something seersucker?

Dress him in stadium pants?  And very manly pinks and greens?

Discuss.  We're Southern, ya'll.

*Disclaimer, I was totes born in Connecticut.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freshman Year

So, I think the brunch was a success. 

At last count, we had 15+ babies, plus most of their Moms and Dads.

I think for the Dads it was a snapshot into "holy schizz, this is my life now" and "oh, thank god other babies spit up too"  and for the Moms it was a great way to introduce some of the new friends and babies who have helped us through the months of maternity leave.

I think I said once that being a new mom is like being a freshman in college.  You all show up knowing no one.  You know your roommate (aka, the baby), and spend the first few weeks asking people to go to the dining hall with you so you don't have to go alone.

If you are shy, like me, you just suck it up.  Even when you tremble with anxiety.  This is your life now.

Along the way, you find some true friends, or ones with true friend potential... and others that are just as nice, but you know you won't stay close when you move out of the dorm in the next year.

I'm moving out of the dorm in three weeks.  Work.  It's coming.

I hope I still have someone to go to the dining hall with.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back online

I know, I know I have not blogged for awhile.  Guilty as charged.  We had a great trip to SC and GA for Thanksgiving. 

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving Susann and I had the honor of being asked to stand as our nephew's, Garvin, Godparents.  Garvin is a great little boy and we look forward to supporting his development as a Christian.


I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to  . . . .

inform you that Robbie just got his Mom good - I will leave it to her to tell how she got gotten.

We had the new Mommy's of Brookland over this morning for a Christmas drop in and as usual Susann was the hostess with the mostess.  It was great to see how many young kids and couples are in the area.  We are in the process of making some lasting friends.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What If...

What if you had a party and no one came?

So remember how I got all collegey and geeky about making new friends in the neighborhood? 

And I got over it and organized a meet-up at the local cupcake shop?

Well, those have been happening weekly.  And we've added group walks on Tuesdays.

So tomorrow we're hosting a holiday brunch for the neighborhood babies and families.  We've met almost 30 new parents through the meetups.

And I'm feeling all college-y and geeky.

What if no one shows?  At least we have a decorated tree?  And that'll leave all the red velvet cupcakes for me..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"We Be Rollin..."

"We be rollin'..."

TBD on whether Mom and Dad "be hatin'".

Tonight is the trial on no miracle blanket.

But what else are you supposed to do when you look down and see your baby stuck like this?

That's quite a bit of froggie cuteness.

(Oh yes, you are supposed to master tummy to back before back to tummy, but our little guy seems to have that reversed... so when he rolls, he gets stuck.  And starts wailing.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


SIDS, ya'll.

It's for REALS.

But chalk it into one of those categories of "things that neurotic moms should worry about, but that this neurotic mom has tucked into the back of her mind because all the crap life has dealt her about babies is already going to happen...right?"

One of the first new mom meetups I went to in the neighborhood we spent almost an hour talking about SIDS.


Apparently it is most common from 2-4 months of age...

Don't do the bumpers on the bed (I didn't)

Sleep on the back (Got it)

Fan on in the room (Did it)

No smoking around baby (Got it)

And 5000 other things that apparently can make you crazy with worry.  They have monitors you can buy if you baby's breathing changes.  But they often have false positives, which would apparently have you waking up in the middle of the night with a false alarm.  Can you imagine that panic?

The first time Rob slept through the night was early on.  I sent Shawn in to get him in the morning just to make sure he was alive.

I have only compulsively have checked on his breathing five times or so?

Maybe that makes me a bad mom? 

I was out with my Greenville girlfriends this week and recounted a baby incident from this week...

Baby was hanging out.  Cat napping like he does in the middle of the day.   I look over and he's got his eyes WIDE OPEN.  But sleeping?  And I have a minute of "Oh schizz, my baby is dying of SIDS...right NOW."

He wasn't.

Motherhood can give you a crazy sometimes apparently.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Three Months- REALLY?

I can't believe we have a three month old.

On the other hand, I feel like he's been a part of our family for a long time.  Not in a cheesy way... but if you think of the amount of waiting and normalcy that goes into the average three months in life, it seems FOREVER.  But then, you have this BABY thing and poof.  Time flies.

(I'm not sure that makes sense to anyone but me... but 14 weeks... REALLY?  Three months?  REALLY?  Seems almost time to phase in the Rob name.)

I see him every waking hour, so I have a hard time seeing changes in Rob (Robbie?). Whenever friends/family comment "yadda yadda yadda (grown) yadda yadda yadda (change)", I say "REALLY?"

What has changed in the last month?

  • We have an AWESOME sleeper.  Like awesome.  To the point that I think, why can't you be MORE awesome and stretch that 10 hours into 12.  But then I don't want to mess with the awesomeness with things like an earlier bedtime (which we need to do), or losing the miracle blanket (which we also need to do)

  • Poor buddy had his 1st diaper rash.  It looked like how I imagine herpes.  Gross.  I was traumatized.  He didn't seem to notice.

  • He continues to love and watch other babies constantly.  I'm not sure who looks forward to play group Fridays more between the two of us.

  • I'm starting to make some friendships with Moms in the neighborhood.  I still feel all geeky and college freshmany and "will you be my friend-y", but we're getting there.

  • He likes a bath.  Big time.  (Insert Cute nake-y baby picture with red solo cup added for irony)

  • We've locked in, for now at least, a daycare.  I just needed to get rid of the anxiety of not knowing where we were going.  We are 259th on the waiting list at our top choice.  In the 150s at our 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice.  So we're going with convenience.  But it turns out some of the other neighborhood moms are starting in the new infant class at the local daycare with us, and that brings a great deal of comfort to me.

  • Babies need toys!  I didn't have any.  I felt terrible.  We now have toys. 

  • He like the color red.  People wearing red.  Toys in red.  Red diaper bags.  Blankets.  I'm sure that's a developmental milestone in one of the parenting books I have that I haven't cracked.  (More in another post on coming to terms with and figuring out what the hell a parenting philosophy is from this very type A person who turns out to not be so type A when it comes to parenting)

  • We have a rolling over dilemma.  He seems to have forgotten that he knows how to roll from tummy to back.  He learned in the last two days how to roll from back to tummy.  This means time to wean off the awesome Miracle Blanket swaddle.  Back to worrying about messing with my awesome sleeper.
So there.  Complete with the obligatory three month picture.  (And the two and one month below).  I still can't tell the difference.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving- No Modifications

Last year our Thanksgiving was interrupted... literally... and we had to make a ridiculous roadtrip to get back for more fertility shots.

Let's revisit.

This year?  No unexpected roadtrips.  No shots.  No last-minute-grocery-shopping.  No ultrasounds.

Just one baby.

From that.... to this.

We are thankful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photos from Baptism

Robbie was baptized in Shawn's home church... as I said to the pastor, "We turned out a Christmas Eve crowd"...  he didn't think that was nearly as funny as I did.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Southern Living

It's 80 degrees and sunny ... three days before Thanksgiving.

This calls for an early evening happy hour (and nap) on the back porch.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New member of the Lord's flock

The family Edwards made the long trek from DC to the center of the universe (Marion, SC) to spend a few days with the family.  The main reason for the visit was Robbie getting Christened in my (Shawn) family's home church after which we will be spending Thanksgiving this year with the Miller side of the family in Atlanta.

Susann and I have not had a great deal of success finding a church close to our house and it is difficult for the older members of our family to make the trip to DC so we decided to ask if it would be alright to perform the ceremony in Marion.  Fortunately the Pastor agreed.  He is a great guy and while he was clear with Susann and I about the seriousness of what we were committing to he was also very supportive.

Susann and I selected my sister Paula to be Robbie's Godmother and our friend Mike M to be the Godfather - we knew what great people they were and this weekend only confirmed our judgement.

I will not go into all of the details of the ceremony but short version is that Susann and I promised to raise Robbie as a Christan and do everything in our power to provide a loving and supportive family environment.

Finally there is the fact that my parents - most especially my Mother - got to see the ceremony and secondly (by a nose) got the chance to show off their grandchild.  As I have relayed in earlier posts my parents have been dealing with some health issues over the last year so we took a great deal of satisfaction from bringing a little - about 12 lbs - good news to the table.  I think today's events did all of us a world of good.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

12 Weeks Old?

Big boy!

It was this time last year that we were getting ramped up on our fertility treatments at Shady Grove.  Read back for the story of the thwarted Thanksgiving.

Totally worth it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rule Number 1 of having a baby that sleeps well:  don't tell others.

Shawn and I both did in the last two posts.

Robbie responded with a 5am wakeup.

We're doomed.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Have Hands

So I realize that not everyone gets to see Robbie every waking hour like I do... so the question comes up... What's he like?  What does a day in the life of Robbie entail?

  • Robbie is definitely a mini-Shawn.  He is LAID LAID back, and really smile-y.
  • He's a talker, especially if we are singing to him or blowing raspberries.  He prefers country music and James Taylor.
  • He, at least to this point, really only cries when he's hungry.
  • We call him tank, because he eats about every 90 minutes in the evening, but that is usually followed by a 8-9 hour overnight sleep, so we'll take it!
  • When he wakes up, he usually just starts babbling until the hunger kicks in.
  • He spends most of the day hanging out on the ground.  Lying on a blanket we have on the main floor or on his play gym in the basement.
  • He's not much of a napper.  He'll sleep if we're driving or walking, or for random passing outs for 15-20 minutes at a time.  The only place he'll take a "real" nap is in the swing.
  • He really, really likes other babies.  Notices them when they are in the room, and watches or reaches for them.
  • The stroller or carseat make him narcoleptic.
  • He is a miracle blanket de-swaddling Houdini.  No matter how tightly we wrap him, his whole body is out by morning.  This probably means I should at some point phase out the swaddle, but I'm scared its going to mess with his good sleeping.
  • He can roll from his stomach to back if he really wants to.  Otherwise he just faceplants and cries.  Hates tummy time.
  • He loves toys with smiling faces on them, and will coo and talk to them like they are people.
  • He has discovered his hands in the last 10 days and holds them in front of his face like he's saying: "Holy sh*t, I have hands".... but he still hasn't learned how to hold or grab anything intentionally.  He does like to suck on his whole fist, which has led to some gagging, but a whole lot less pacifier usage.
  • He found his feet today, but I think that may just be because his socks had smiling frogs on them
I think we'll keep him.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Credit where credit is due

The most common question I hear from folks is how is he sleeping?  Are you tired?  Hard isn't?

My response is, "We are doing ok - it is certainly a change."

The truth is Robbie is starting to sleep through the night - for the most part - and more importantly Susann as been handling the full load of dealing with the night stuff.  Thank you does not begin to express my gratitude to my amazing wife. 


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Walks

I've fallen in love with the National Arboretum. 

I can't believe that in 12 years of living in DC, I had never been there.

A few weeks ago the neighborhood new parents group started meeting up for weekly walks through the Arboretum, and I'm hooked.   Daisy, Robbie and I have been there every morning this week for a walk.

Not only are the trees and leaves beautiful this time of year... it really is a piece of calm in a hectic city.  The park is larger than Central Park in New York, and has miles of trails and walkways that we are still exploring.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Solo Baby

Robbie has found his voice in the last week. 

He's a talker.

Thanks Shawn :)


To the people who got here by googling "Should my baby wear horizontal stripes" ... the answer is a resounding YES

Monday, November 7, 2011

A New Low...

I DVRed Wheel of Fortune.

I need to fill my days a little better.  Or at least get to those thank you notes that I have been putting off.  I don't mean to be rude... I really don't.

Robbie is a good baby.  Will I jinx us if I say an easy baby. 

But for some reason, he's against sleeping during the day in any form. 

Who has heard of a non-napping baby?

He'll does for 15-20 minutes here or there... especially if we're driving somewhere or taking a walk.

Or he'll sack out on the floor like this.

For 15 minutes. 

Almost enough time to watch Wheel of Fortune.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happenin' Saturday

Once upon a time Susann and I were pretty cool.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to go to some amazing places, eat some amazing meals and generally have a merry old time.

Well the definition of cool is changing. 

On Saturday our friends John and Sabrina invited us to their sons (Julian) 1st birthday. 

I have to give them credit - they put on a great event.  There were about a dozen kids and they all had a ball playing in the local rec centers "soft" play room.  Robbie got a introduction the ball pit.  It would be a little bold to say that he loved it but he did not cry either.

After about an hour of play we headed up to the party room and had Chick-fila-a chicken fingers / fruit / cheese / and some amazing cupcakes.

During the party Susann leaned over and said, "Welcome to our new life."  My response was, "yep and I kind of like it."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Southside of the Village

Robbie and I took a road trip to South Carolina a couple weeks ago.  Palmetto Baby to the Palmetto State!

Whenever I mention to folks that I drove to SC, the first answer is "Alone?  Really?"

Trust me.  A laid back (knock on wood) eight-week old is the best road trip partner ever.

He just needs to stop to eat and get some clean drawers about every three hours. 

We stopped twice on the way down and once on the way back.

Awesome job Baby Robbie.

We spent about a week in Greenville getting pampered by my parents.  It's amazing how the definition of pampering changes from before you had a baby.  In this case, pampering meant someone-to-hold-and-feed-and-snuggle-and-change-and-bathe-the-baby-named-Grandma-Bookie. 

It just took an amazing amount of pressure off knowing that my Mom was there to keep an extra eye out. 

We spent some time with my Greenville gals, and I think gave Robbie a great intro to the Palmetto State... and then we diverted over to Shawn's hometown Marion for some more snuggles with his Grandma Edwards and everyone in town that came over to meet Robbie.

He met for the first time Aunts Leila, MCB and Ashley... Uncles Steve and Ben...  Mrs. McD... Grammee G... Cousins Jase and Judson... and got lots of Grandma and Grandma snuggles on both sides of the family.

It is impossible to describe the trip in a post other than... we were home.

You've got a great village to help raise you buddy.

We are lucky.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


So as a follow-up to last night's post.

Our little guy only gained 8 ounces in his whole 1st month.  He was in the 3% of size, and wasn't gaining fast enough when I was clinging to breastfeeding.

We had to go back twice for weight checks, and he started adding on a couple ounces once I started upping his formula supplements and letting go of BFing guilt.

We had our 2 month appointment this week and while still little, our Rob's now in the 25% of weight and height. 

And 90% in head size.

That Shawn noggin is unavoidable.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I quit breastfeeding.


I haven't looked back.

BFing?  It isn't for everyone.

I can't even begin to explain to you how the culture of breastfeeding in DC makes a competent, strong, confident woman feel terrible about herself.

I tried everything.  Lactation consultants.  Fenugreek.  Pumping.  Not pumping.  Cluster Feeding.   Drinking lots of water.  Dark beer. 

It never worked.

The most milk I ever produced a day pumping?  2 ounces.  Total.  In 7 pumping sessions.  And that was six weeks ago.

My baby needs 28 ounces.  A day.

I let go of the guilt at 6 weeks when it turned out I was starving my beeb, but tried to BF a few times a day with the assumption he wasn't getting anything (and supplementing with formula).  We now guess he was getting less than 1/4 of an ounce of milk from me. 

I started meeting strong, intelligent, educated wonderful women who also let go of the guilt.  Doctors, lawyers, businesswomen, lobbyists, professors...

I was chilled early when a perfect stranger saw me mix a bottle and asked why I was doing it instead of breastfeeding.  I never even told Shawn that.  It was only my third time taking the baby out alone.  I wasn't getting enough sleep, was doing my best, and just needed my baby to be eating.

And then I realized that I needed to stop listening to and worrying about the women who didn't KNOW me, judging me.

A few years ago the Atlantic did a story on the breastfeeding wars.  I can't say I agree with everything in it, but I think it gives a good snapshot into the complexity of the debate and the culture wars, also named "Mommy Wars" that have surrounded it.

And I ask you, when you see someone mixing formula... or someone breastfeeding... or any new mom out.  Just be kind.  Or don't say anything at all.

She's doing the best she can.


I think he's going to be just fine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Look closely.  We had a stowaway on our walk at the Arboretum today...