Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We had to spend Monday out of the house in a final attempt to combat the latest pestilence to have faced our family: fleas.

When I say I'd rather have roaches than fleas, I am NOT JOKING.  It has been a one month battle against these little buggers.  We have tried all the natural remedies.  We have tried all the chemically-bad-for-you remedies.  Those suckers are PERSISTENT.

And gross.

And everywhere.

But I think we have won the battle. 

We have no idea where they came from.  Why they came.  But they came.  In mass.  Gross.

The upside?  We got a day-long playdate with Baby D and his Mom, including lunch, a 2 hour nap for the boys and a 2 hour catch-up-on-bad-tv session for the mamas.

Our little babies are starting to look like little boys.  How far we have come since they met 13 months ago.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Edwards''Family in town

Granddad, Grandmom, Uncle Joey and Aunt Paula were in town this weekend.  We did not do much but this was fine.  Everybody got to spend time with Robbie.

Uncle Joey and I got to go to the Redskins game on Sunday and Susann got to visit AK's famous Sunday Funday while Aunt Paula, Grandmom and Granddad  got a chance to have some serious play time with the Robster. 

Quote of the weekend from Aunt Paula after hanging all day with Robbie - "I am really tired."  She said it with a big grin on her face though and I knew exactly what she talking about.