Friday, September 30, 2011

The Essentials

Someone asked that I post my perspective on the hospital packing/1st weeks essentials after my post on it a couple weeks ago.  I'm in no way an expert, and I got most of these suggestions from Jules and her OMLCs. (And then cribbed this post from a list I sent to another new mom-to-be)

If you have anything to add, put it in the comments!

For Home
For boy baby circumscisions: gauze and vaseline
Think about a fridge in the nursery/master bedroom for bottles and snacks/drinks for mom
Aden and Anais Blankets
Avent 0-6 month pacifiers
Miracle Blanket
Zip up jammies.  Lots of them.  They are crucial!
The boppy.  I love it.  Use it more than anything else (other than diapers)
Breastfeeding Basics
From the hospital (even if you have them at home) take:
Kimono shirts
Extra nipples for formula bottles
Gauze (see above)
Vaseline (see above)
Gummy pacifiers
Lanolin (Get it from lactation consultant)
Nose Suction Thingie
Pack for the hospital:
Shower shoes
Yoga pants
Tank Tops (I am still living in the costco 2-pack of tanks.  Don't spend lots of money on nursing tanks)
Shampoo/Shower Stuff
Towel (The hospital towels are literally handtowels)
Maxipads (They have them, but they are TERRIBLE). I recommend these: . Go ahead and get a pack or two, so no one has to go get them later.
Soft nail file for baby
Boppy (I never used it for BFing, but I have a football hold baby)
Change of clothes or two for Dad
Going home outfits
Camera/all chargers
Checkbook (You have to pay for birth certificate by check)
Notepad and pen (You will have questions, and you will forget them!)
Chapstick (Dry hospital air)
Also, I don't know if everyone does this or if just we did, but Shawn brought a couple dozen cupcakes on Day 2 in the hospital, one dozen for L&D, one for post-partum nurses. They REALLY appreciated. And I got a good room :)


Robbie has learned something he wants to show you...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hitting the Gym

After awhile, there's only so much staring that Robbie and I can do at each other, and only so many errands we can run (save that topic for another post... how to fill out days without spending money by running senseless errands)...

So this weekend, we set up the playgym, which was a gift from our good buddy Tracy.  The box seemed to indicate that it was mostly just a mat for little ones and they wouldn't really start to engage with it until 2-3 months.

Well, Robbie LOVES it.

He's an awake little guy anyways.  Typically goes from 7-12 without a nap, and yesterday he was up from 7am-10pm straight through.  So now he has something to take his attention when I start getting boring.

On the other side of the cabbage is a mirror.  Budding narcissist?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Bird

In a show of distaste for our plans for the day, Baby gives me the one finger salute.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Robbie is lucky

He is lucky to have such a good Mother who worries about him.  He is lucky that Daisy has accepted him into the pack.  He his lucky to have such great Grandparents and Great Aunts and Great Uncles and Uncles and Aunts and don't forget all the cousins.

Having said all of that Robbie has also made a huge difference for his favorite team - CLEMSON.  Before Robbie - disappointing losses  - after Robbie - inspiring victories.  Now for that Vegas trip . . . Robbie needs a new pair of shoes to wear with his lucky socks!

Sunday, September 25, 2011