Friday, March 18, 2011

A Man

... And his dog...

How do you think Daisy's going to feel when she isn't Top Dog anymore?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OWW: The Ring Test

...Or needle test...

A fan favorite for gender prediction. This is the socially appropriate alternative to "dowsing"... a Vermont tradition my friend BDoli taught me about yesterday...

(I bet you just googled dowsing, didn't you)


The ring test.

The only gender predicting Old Wives Tale I had actually heard about before getting pregnant.

The process: take a pin, needle or wedding ring and attach it to a strand of hair or string. Hold over mom's baby. Pendulum movement = boy; circular motion = girl.

Well. I don't sew.

No thread in the house.

So I'm amending "attach it to a strand of hair or string", to "attach to some minty fresh dental floss that you tell your dentist you use every day, but that you had to dig through your travel bag from your last business trip to find."

And voila.

Add the ring test to the statistics. Apparently 4 out of 5 dental professionals think this baby is going to be a boy.

OWW Sneak Peek

Monday, March 14, 2011

Type A

For someone who is so Type A, I think I've been dealing fairly well with the major life events of late: marriage, house fire, merger of our two firms, pregnancy...

But in all those changes, there was usually one or two meltdown moments, usually ones that made absolutely no sense at all for the impending life change.

The merger? Having to know for a few days before I was able to let Shawn know...

The fire? Thinking about having to clean out the fridge after the power being out for three days and having to replace all those condiments...

The wedding? Other than a slight, "why is this taking so long" before the actual ceremony started... the big bogey was the wedding registry.

I HATED registering. HATED IT. So many decisions! So little time!

Why did I need everyday china and regular china? Do people still get crystal anymore? How am I supposed to pick sheets for the next five years, when I've been shopping for a black cardigan for 12 months??

So imagine the thought of putting together a baby registry...


So we decided a couple of Saturdays ago to ply our stomachs with some Chicken Minis and make the trek down to Springfield to go to Buy Buy B@by .

I figured this registry process would work best if I waded in, instead of diving in like before. So we went with the intent of just looking around... seeing what kinds of things we may need... and planning for a return trip.

One trip, one husband with scanner gun, and two hours later, we left with a goodie bag and a registry started.

And it wasn't so bad.

Lots of things are on hold until we know gender, but what baby doesn't need a froggie to hold its bath toys? Really?