Thursday, November 14, 2013

A City Education

It sounds much more glamorous than it really is...

First, every parent thinks their child is a genius.... patterned after themselves, of course.  Until they realize he has memorized "Brown Bear" before you have.

Robbie is VERY into letters right now. 

Now that he has graduated to the 2 year old classroom, they learn one upper case letter a week.

We always have known he's a watcher on our commute.  He sees and points out all the cement mixers, cranes, and pumpkins without fail.

However, in the last few days, he's graduated to "I see an R"

Or his phrase of the week "I find it!"

Which is cute, and hilarious when you see him pointing to this and saying "R!  I find it!"

And this. ("I SEE F!!!!!")

And this.  ("AN O!  FOUND IT!")

And this. "AN A!  AN UDDER A!  A-R-E-A!"

But mostly the liquor store.

From what we can tell, Robbie is VERY into the letters O, C, A, R, P and W.

And the sign at CVS.

Not interested in S and D.

I guess we should be grateful our commute is so commercial?

Here's to edumacation!

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Spin it"

You've heard us talk about how Robster can and loves to spin anything?

Here's evidence. 

With blocks.

I don't think we can convey how much he loves to spin. 



Neurosurgeon or mechanic?