Friday, August 5, 2011

Things to Do Before Baby Gets Here, Version 1

I probably should have started this list a month ago to tick of all the things we need to do before the baby gets here...

But in true Susann "to do list" fashion, I will put some things on it that I've already done, just for the satisfaction of seeing things crossed off.

Big Important Work Meeting - August 4th
Transition memos and 4 month workplans for 8 clients on which I'm the lead
Transition memo for worried boss
Debt ceiling memo for worried clients
Buy a car, put it on the car insurance
Buy changing pad, first aid kit, thermometer, extra sheets, swing
Wash all baby clothes and sort by size
Figure out solution for ugly nursery glider
Put mobile together
Shower thank you notes
Buy blinds for nursery and guest room
Get said blinds installed
Change nursery light to dimmer
Put pack and play, crib, and stroller together
Move some toys, diapers and blankets to basement
Figure out post-baby helper schedule
Get car seat installed
Renew drivers license
Activate short-term disability
Find camera charger
Charge camera
Find flip camcorder
Charge flip camcorder
Find a "packing for the hospital" list
Pack for the hospital
Create an "I'm in labor" email list
Create a more expansive "Baby is here" list
Find Shady Grove paperwork to mail back after delivery
Choose a 529 plan for the baby's education
Get hair cut and highlighted
Doctor re: Daisy's leg, and a backup plan if she can't go to Wagtime
Home repairs from leak finished:  baby's room, master bedroom, master bathroom, laundry room painted, laundry shelves, sun room painted, tile replaced in bath, storage room, washer dryer back in place
Schedule maid for week before baby due
Clean sheets on guest bedroom and pull out sofa

I'm sure there are lots of things I've forgotten.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Work "Nesting"

If there is such a thing as nesting at work, I am doing it. 

My awesome intern commented this afternoon that I've been cranking out the work this week.  And I (humbly?) would tend to agree.

I've got strategy and workflow documents laid up for all my large clients.  I've nailed down next steps and 3-6 month plans with those that are taking over my accounts when I'm out.  And I've planned my first business trip for when I return in January. 

It all culminated today with a 4 hour meeting with my favorite (but most demanding) client to create a strategic plan for the next year of our contract.  I have worked towards this meeting for weeks now.  And its done.

And I'm exhausted. 

And relieved.

And exhausted.

(And back on having to record my blood pressure three times today after my blood work from yesterday not coming back great.  I'm on pre-eclampsia watch now.  Big time.  If you hear me complaining about a headache, nausea, swelling, or general malaise-  tell me to stop being a stubborn idiot and call the doctor)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today marks 37 weeks... the time that they won't try to turn back labor if it starts to happen.  Baby E is fully baked!

Robbie's lungs should be fully developed.  He's likely tipping the scales at just over 7 pounds this week.  He's measuring as of today in the 85%.  But he's also making my blood pressure go back up a little... so today involved some more bloodwork to make sure I don't have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (which can lead to pre-eclampsia).

I've actually felt pretty great this week.   I've slept well.  Eaten lots.  Been a productive "nester" at work.

The doc I saw today said she'd be surprised if anything happens in the next week.  But then again, if I remember correctly, I was a little over two weeks early. 

So it's anyone's guess.

Don't forget to enter your guess in the birth date pool.  I'm going to close it for entries on Saturday, since one of my colleagues chose that as their date.
Top left box for invited guests:  palmettobaby

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Lobbyist

I noticed in the last couple weeks that the only time I've had contractions during the work week are on days that I head up to the Hill to lobby.

Sure enough, the minute I set foot in the Rayburn building today, Robbie starting going crazy. 

Maybe he knows it is the center of the democratic universe.  Maybe he doesn't like going through metal detectors.  Maybe he thinks Congress is acting crazy these days.  Maybe he just hates my walking from building to building on the marble floors.

But its definitely strange.

Maybe Robbie wants to be a lobbyist when he grows up!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Lots of people have commented on how calm we are about the fact that we will be parents in three-ish weeks. 

I can't speak for Shawn, but I typically say something along the lines of "we aren't 25, we kind of know what we are getting into."

We can afford a child.  We know it isn't going to be easy to raise a kid.  We know there are going to be sleepless nights and growing pains and all those things.

But I wonder (secretly, and then on our blog), if it isn't something more.

Even with our house populated with baby things, I think I haven't quite accepted that we are going to have a BABY.  Like a real live baby.  That is ours.  Sometime in August. 

I don't know if this is a leftover emotion from the long process, but it all seems so surreal.

Maybe that's a normal feeling.  

Maybe I'll kick into panicked nesting mode.

Or maybe one day there will just be a baby.  And it'll work.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

There is a reason

The Almighty, in all his wisdom, does not start out new parents with a two year old.  Susann and I had the honor of being asked to sit for our friends Mathew and Meredith.  They are the proud parents of Charlie - a 36 lbs future linebacker.

Susann had the pretty good excuse of being 37 weeks pregnant to which I had nothing to say.  Charlie and I had 3 hours of intense play time.  I so wish that I could bottle it.  The kid was in go mode the whole time and while it was tiring I had a great time.  I have to admit one of things I (really every guy) am looking forward to about having a little boy is the chance to in some small way relive my childhood - most especially the toys.

3 weeks to go.