Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Opinion In South Carolina

We're down in Marion for the Easter weekend... and what very well may be my last time out of DC for the rest of the calendar year. Quite a daunting thought, in fact.

Greenville is just a tad too far for a road trip with the required previa stops and walks around, and unless the doctor changes his mind, it doesn't look like I'll be flying for the rest of the pregnancy.

As I mentioned last week, it has definitely put a damper in our plans to play in the World Series of Poker one more time. I'm not sure I was up for the judgment of being 26 weeks pregnant and playing, unless of course it intimidated the heck out of my mostly male opponents and cause them to be scared of a pregnant lady, therefore letting me win every hand...

Being in Marion has been an experience. As Shawn has mentioned, this is definitely a long-awaited grandchild on his side of the family. As a result, every aunt, uncle and cousin has stopped by for a look-see this weekend. I still don't think I'm really showing, so that just leads to an awkward glance at my belly and a comment about how good I look.

I don't look good.

I look zitty and sleepy and uncomfortable.

I've made two trips to CVS for Tums.

But I certainly appreciate the good karma.

To think that the next time we make this drive, it will likely be with a 2-3 month old... scary and exciting. Life. It's about to change.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Miller Nose?

"Will the baby have Uncle Matt's nose?"

All signs point to no.

What do you think based on the newest photo?

Had my followup ultrasound today where Baby was much more cooperative, and the technician was much more patient.

I'm happy to report that everything looks good in the brain, heart, bones, kidneys, etc. of Baby E. And I can guarantee you that there's definitely a boy in there.

I'm 22 weeks pregnant today, and everything was measuring within a couple of days of that, except for the baby's noggin. Looks like this baby is destined to have the big head of his father.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It takes a village

or something like that. 

One of the neat things about having a baby is that people share with you.  In an earlier post I wrote about Rachel and John sharing toys and clothes - a hold car load - with us.  This past weekend my buddy Steve and his wife Linda were kind enough to send over a bag full of clothes.  We have much more on the way. 

We also got the crib and changing table this past week.  I am looking forward to putting it together - boy job.  The problem we are facing now is where are we going to put everything.  Our house is not small but I certainly would not call it big either.  I have a feeling more of my stuff will be going to good will at some point in the near future.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Business Trip

One of the "joys" of having a previa is that I'm not allowed to fly. Anywhere. For fun or pleasure.

So far that has aided in the cancellation of a business trip to California, another to Birmingham, and our "babymoon" that we were planning to play the World Series of Poker one more time in Vegas.

What it didn't cancel, however, was this weekend's Saturday road trip to New Jersey to attend the grand opening of one of my client's new hospital. This hospital will deliver over 6000 babies annually once open... I joked with my client I wasn't planning on being the first. But just in case, my very kind husband came along, and was a huge help.

I was tasked with escorting and introducing around one Member of Congress who I have gotten to know over the last few months since his election to Congress. He's a great guy, and that part was easy.

It was the drive home in the monsoon on Saturday night that was, frankly, terrifying. Those of you who know Shawn well, know that he is Captain Cool, Calm and Collected. As he's always said, when he's worried, "the wings have come off the plane".

Well our car doesn't have wings, but it didn't enjoy the torrential downpour, the alternating wind and hail, and the potholes and foot-deep puddles on the interstate.

I'm thankful to be home safely. We should've stayed over in NJ. Not the brightest decision on our part for this one.

But a business trip enjoyed... and hopefully not my last for awhile.