Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Happier News...

It's a GIRL!


Like big time wahoo, yippee, hooray.

My dear hubbie has so many male cousins that I was resigned to the fact that the XY runs deep in the Edwards family and I was going to be a mom to boys. 

But a GIRL!  We're having a girl!

You can have our electronics, because we're getting a baby girl.

Unless they were wrong, but whatever.

Boys are pretty awesome too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We had a tough day yesterday.

Bestlaid plans to not find out gender (but keep it in an envelope sealed just in case) were waylaid by a day that ranks in the top 5 crappy ones in our marriage.

We live in a transitional neighborhood, and have, in general, had a great experience.  We have nice neighbors, have developed new friends in the neighborhood, and up until this point we have avoided any trouble.

Fast forward to coming home from work yesterday to our master bedroom comforter on the back lawn by our parking pad, and a window wide open.

All electronics gone.

Even more devastating, all electronic copies of baby pictures gone.

All of them.

Thanks to some jerks who decided our house looked nice and ripe.

They rifled through everything. 

Emptied drawers and baskets and tables and everything possible all over the floor.

Went through the baby's diaper bag.

A crappy day overall.

So we opened the envelope.  So sue us.

But now our excitement is all mixed up in our crappy day.  And now I wish I could separate out the feelings.  Too late now.

Last night I was moving on adrenaline, and about halfway through the day at work today I utterly and completely lost it.  I was pissed I was searching for our laptops and tvs on cr @igs list, hoping some idiot decided to turn around and sell them.  It was a mess.  I was a mess.

All I want is the damn memory card from our digital camera.  They can have the rest.

And oh yea, peace of mind.  Can I have that back too?

Menacing baby is menacing.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cruising and Fight Songs

I have been introduced to many new terms since Robbie has come to join us.  The latest is cruising - which means the stage before the kid begins to walk.  Robbie is taking several steps at a time but his balance is still a work in progress and he needs to hold on to something to keep from falling.  He has also learned how to climb stairs which can be somewhat concerning (still working on those gates).

We have also begun Robbie's indoctrination into the Clemson Family with regular listening to Tiger Rag and the associated cheer.  We have a great deal of work ahead but he should be ready for kickoff on September 1st against those other Tigers from Alabama.