Thursday, August 1, 2013

Having a Village...

Having a village... a nascent one even... makes our world a whole lot better.

Parenting is one of those times that you have to work at being friends sometimes.

It's not like a freshman hall, or a crop of new hires at your first job.

It's hard to identify when a friendship begins.

Was it when she popped out a formula bottle at a meet up when you were feeling down in the dumps about BFing not working out?

Or that time when you took a chance and had sushi and shared a crazy brain story and she nodded instead of judging?

Or when, on a walk, there was just something there and unspoken that seemed right and normal and natural?

But you try.  And you open yourself up a little.

And all of a sudden, a little village (a loud one) starts to emerge.

And for that?  I am grateful.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Return of the New Mom Crazy Mind

Last night, between the two kids, I was up six times.  Once for AH, five times for the Robster.

Something is afoot with him, and we need to figure out what.

He is our "EASY" baby.  Mr. mini-Shawn.  Laid BACK.  Nada mucho.  No worry.  No bother.  Feed me.  Change my diaper.  Let me sleep.  We're cool.

We are NOT cool.

We're getting HOLY SCHIZZ WHY ARE YOU STABBING ME WITH A SERRATED BLADE cries at least once a night these days, or in the case of last night?  More.

Is it all the new allergy meds?

Is it the AC we put in his room to cool him down some?

Is it itchy eczema?

Is it the sound of traffic and fire trucks and busses and major street traffic in front of our house?

And oh yea, he's on a hunger strike. 

In the last five days, he's had, at most, a fruit pouch with us.  Or a banana.







No matter what the IT is, there's something afoot.

Some may just call it.  Two.

It's giving me new Mom crazy brain.

I dreamed that I invited a new brand of "Hummus for Men".  Called not Sabra, but Sabro.

I walked to lunch today and the consuming thought the whole way was, "I'm walking lopsided.  Is one of my legs longer than the other?"

So yea.

Crazy "new" Mom brain.

May the next few days bring extended sleep for babies, toddlers, and Moms.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Madness Is Here!

Ok that is slightly melodramatic BUT young Robert Lacy is showing signs of the dreaded "terrible twos".

From distilled grumpiness in the morning - though to be fair I guess most of us feel that way in the morning - to the world is ending because Mommy want let me play with my blocks before dinner to the HOW DARE YOU LET ANNIE IN MY BATH rant (cry).

Having said all of this, he is feeling much better than he was on Thursday and Friday and for that we are grateful. 

Anna Helen is taking it all in stride and growing like a weed - teeth count is up to 4.

OH so looking forward to Congress going into recess and then vacation at the end of August . . . I think I can I think I can.