Sunday, February 8, 2015

Awesome weekend

We had a busy weekend.

Lots of kid time.  The highlight of the weekend was the time we spent with the Johnston's (Ed, Robin, Veronica and Maxwell (Max).

Max was baptized on Saturday and we had the honor of attending.  He was amazingly well behaved and snappily dressed in a white suit.  It was a beautiful service and once again Susann and I have been reminded how fortunate we are to be have such amazing friends.

We got have lunch on Sunday with Johnston's for some one on one time at, where else, La Loma and had a wonderful time.  Then went home for a nap.

The cherry on top for the weekend was a birthday party for one of R's best buddies Will.  Now birthday parties are always fun but this one was fairly unique in that it took place in a bar.  The kids had a great time and the parents had access to a bar - EVERYBODY WON.