Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We've got some heady stuff going on around here and I'm struggling.  There was a tragedy at our daycare center on Monday and it has shaken us all to the core.

It's just been a pretty crappy week for our family and our universe, and we need a dose of good karma.

Universe?  Got some for us?

(Other than this guy.  He's pretty great.  Wanna read him a book?)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall and Family


Lots to love about the season:

Cooler weather
Leaves changing
FOOTBALL (Even if my Tigers lost to FSU)
Hoodies (Susann's favorite)
Fall Farm festivals
Family visits

We managed to hit almost all of these this weekend.  Aunt Emilie and Uncle Kevin and our nieces Abby and Kate came to town for a visit.  We had a great time.  Lots of play  - we took the Family Kroner over the Clemyjontri Park and the kids loved it but Robbie is still not sold on the merry go round.  The highlight of the visit was the trip out to Montpelier Farms out in Maryland. We had a great time feeding the goats and llamas and the kids played hard on the swings, rodys and the corn pit.  The best time however was reserved for the giant slide.  Robbie and his cousins LOVED it.  The Lad had a smile that almost went to the back of his head. 

It is always great to see the Kroners and we appreciate them coming all the way to DC to visit.  Maybe we will head their way next year.

Cousins Swinging

A sneak peek at the weekend....