Monday, September 30, 2013

Word Explosion

I mentioned before that I spent more than a few weeks worrying that Robster's language was lagging.

But "they" (being the internet experts) don't lie... one day there is a huge word explosion, and it is my favorite part of parenting a two year old. 

Some favorites of this week:

  • "It.  Is.  AWESOME!"  (Thanks YGG)

  • "S'ok Nanny" whenever she's crying or upset while waving his fingers in the ok symbol.  (He's moved from calling Annie "Aya" to "nanny")

  • "OOOOH.  A Tunnel!" when going under a metro overpass today on the way to work.

  • He now vacillates between calling La Loma "Eat" AND "Elmo".  But consistently.

  • My personal favorite, singing "my mind", and "MOOONshine" in Carolina in My Mind when on the car radio.

  • Reaching up for my hand and saying "Partners" when we are about to walk outside or near a street.

  • Seeing pumpkins outside the grocery store and saying "OOOH.  Apples.  Orange apples!"

  • And the infamous "SHARE!" whenever he wants something someone else has.  Not when vice versa.
Next up?  The Gettysburg Address.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Anna Helen has been in full on "adventure" mode over the last month.  She is on the move constantly and exploring everything.  To a point this is a good thing - to a point. 

For some reason, and Robbie was the same way at this age, Annie is fascinated with Daisy's food and water bowls.  She usually focuses on the water but the last couple of trips she has shifted her interest to the food bowl.  Not cool.

In response to this we finally broke down and bought a child containment fence - aka a baby jail.  It is fairly large, very colorful and Annie doesn't seem to mind at all.  In fact Robbie has been a little jealous of Annie's play area and has insisted on joining is sister "inside".

It is all about making things a little easier.