Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Say You... Say Me...

I think we have words.

I'm saying its Dog/Daisy.

Mostly because it is totally, blatantly, selfishly and patently unfair that Dada always comes first.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

Over Easter my Dad and I were driving to Wally-World for some ill-conceived grand plans at repainting his hideous house numbers when I pulled out the church program out of the car pocket.  There was an ad for natural family planning... a Catholic family staple.  In the ad, the lovely comment "can cure infertility!"

Um.  Not always.

Having a hard time having kids isn't something that you like to spend a lot of time talking to your Dad about.

So I just said, "um, not really" when he said "it's just a matter of timing".

Fast forward a couple months later and I did some good old Facebook venting about the recent article about the Catholic school teacher who had been fired for undergoing IVF. 

Every once in awhile your Dad surprises you.

He did that day.

Sorry for outing you on the blog Dad, but his comment made me cry.

" I at first thought that this was a local interpretation by a priest and a bishop, but was surprised to read and research about the official Catholic doctrine. When you have a baby like Robbie that looks and acts so much like his parents, it is certainly a Godly blessing. When the Church suggests that adoption is a better option than IVF, then look at pictures of Robbie and his happy family, I have to disagree with Church teaching and hope that with a new Pope in the near future that the light will shine on the truth of why IVF is a blessing to people and families of faith."

It's my Dad's birthday today.  I'm lucky to have him.   Sometimes even the old dudes get it.

Happy Birthday Dad.