Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 31 weeks ... aka You Mock? I Kill. v.2

Pregnancy update using the questions from last time around.  I think I did one of these four or five times in the last pregnancy.  There's still hope.

Fitz is the one nagging me to update on Newtess. Still. 

I think I truly haven't conceptualized that in less than 9 weeks there is going to be an actual BABY.  Like ANOTHER baby in our house. 

I'm just different this time along.  I'm too busy googling "does my one year old have separation anxiety" and "can the dog eat carrots off the baby's tray" to obsess about the pregnancy stuff this time around.  Last time I was so in my head. 

My head now?  It's just cloudy.  Cloudy and busy and full. 

If I'm half-assing pregnancy (or at least not worrying about the actual pregnancy weirdness), hopefully it doesn't mean I'm going to half-ass those first few months.  Right?  It's totally different when the baby is here... right?

How Far Along Are You? 31 weeks even. My "switchover" day is on Wednesdays yet again this time around.  Newtess' birthday is currently scheduled for somewhere between 6:30 am and 9:00 am on Monday, December 3rd. We'll see if I can make it that far.  As we've joked in true Edwards luck, I will go into labor instead on December 1st.  The afternoon of December 1st specifically.  In the middle of the ACC Championship game.  Which Clemson will have miraculously made somehow even though Florida State beat us.  That's just how it works around here in the Edwards house.

So someone consider this your charge now.  If we go into labor, please dvr that game for Shawn.  Maybe he'll name the baby after you or something.

How Big is the Baby? Baby's about 16 inches long and should be a little over three pounds.  Fruit comparison says bigger than four navel oranges and longer than a bunch of leeks.  Another one says a pineapple.  That's a comparison I can get behind.  A couple weeks ago was a butternut squash.

I will have another ultrasound at the 34 week appointment, because I'm measuring 5-6 weeks ahead once again. Nothing to worry about, just a simple case of an over-ambitious uterus.  I'm mostly glad that I'll be able to confirm that the baby is a girl with my own eyes, since our don't-find-out-the-gender didn't go the way we want.

And because we've already given away all our boy clothes.  All of them.

Maternity Clothes? Emilie brought her maternity clothes last week, but I still haven't made a single maternity purchase, and am still trying valiantly to get through this pregnancy without any. I feel like I'm bigger than I was at delivery last time around.  I included a picture.  Hence the no mocking.  Seriously.

But with that said, I'm the strange person who gets just differently shaped during pregnancy.  I get nagged at every appointment if I'm eating enough.  Shawn nags me to see if I'm eating enough. 

I'm eating enough.  Trust me.  It's amazing how many empty and delicious calories were in those margaritas I love.  No margaritas = no maternity wear. 

How are you Sleeping? Until last night?  Great.  But I'm coming off a night of being awake from 3-6am.  It probably doesn't help that I can't stay awake past 9:30pm.  I used to at least make it through most of the 10pm episode of House Hunters.  No more.

I'm also tuning up on the worrying, and as Shawn referred to, the nesting.  There's only so many places for things to go, and we just have too much stuff.  Too much junk, crap, stuff, stuff and more stuff. 

And babies add even more stuff.

Not pink stuff though.  Please not the pink stuff.  (which as an update, it is SO HARD to find baby girl things that aren't oppressively pink or lavender.  ask Emilie how it went when we went through the two-girls worth of baby clothes that she gave us.)

Strangest Moment of the Week?  Baby has calmed down big time, which makes me worry that things aren't going well.  I've had a few episodes of "eye floaters" and now I'm on a personally-started pre-eclampsia watch.  My blood pressure has been fantastic this time around, but I feel like I'm waiting around for the other food to drop.  Or for the bed rest foot to drop.  There absolutely NO indication that it is going to happen, but you know women.  Or this woman.  You start thinking about things and then you start worrying about things, and it's a big old cray cray self-manifested circle of crazy.

Food: Good or Bad?  Food good.  Weird that this time around I don't have any particular cravings other than fountain soda.  Last time around my food preferences were STRONG.  Nothing remarkable this time.  Maybe a slight preference for an Egg McMuffin, and a complete disinterest in cantaloupe.  But I have those when I'm not pregnant too.

What are you Nervous About? Christmas at home alone.  Still.  Going into labor before my Mom gets here and having to figure out Robbie logistics.  We have three backup plans in place, they just aren't easy. 

Nervous about getting a baby that isn't a good sleeper.  Or colicky. 

Or (debbie downer), I've been having dreams about stillbirth, which is just the complete worst crazy a pregnant woman can do.  

Stay tuned for a post sometime in the future about how girl baby hormones make you more crazy and weepy and over the top than boy baby hormones.  I asked Shawn if he wanted to take that one on.  He declined. 

So.  Here I am.



  1. I half-assed my 2nd pregnancy too, but once baby is here, you don't half ass that part. I have a total of 8 days experience with this, but so far so good. I also had super crazy bad-outcome pregnancy dreams, but good news, no bad outcome! Good luck with the rest of pregnancy and get #1 ready to be a big brother!

  2. You look beautiful. I can't wait to meet her :)

    I had a dream the other night that I had the baby in a nail salon and no one spoke english and no one would help me, they just kept saying "you have baby now" over and over again. ha!

  3. Yes!!! Sooo cute. Love the preg belly. beautiful. Positive thoughts! Healthy Baby!

    Great post - makes the fitz happy.

  4. Go ahead and half-ass it. The baby will be fine.

  5. Hi Susann - Great update. You look great - so cute! You are a wonderful Mom. Robbie loves you and baby girl will too, no matter what. We are all rooting for you!