Thursday, December 15, 2011


After hearing from 50 people who couldn't comment on the blog...
And realizing I wasn't able to comment on it myself.
I just lifted lots of the security bars to commenting.
Here's to saying hello!  (And minimal spam!)


The Miller ruckus continues. Shawn and I are elated to welcome our newest niece to the world. Welcome Kathryn Olivia (Kate), and great job Emilie.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Family Is Growing...

Not in that way!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the debut of our newest niece.  (Or check out the sidebar, I'm sure baby Kroner will make her internet debut soon!)

Shawn, Robbie and I are excited to welcome a new member to the family ruckus.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dais

When you have a new baby, there's lots of questions people ask you:

"How's breastfeeding?"  ("urgh")

"How does he sleep?" ("awesome, knock on wood")

"Are you enjoying maternity leave?" ("way more than anyone would have anticipated")

"Does he have a personality?"  ("so chill, like his Dad")

My favorite though? 

"How's Daisy handling a new baby?"

Daisy is AWESOME

Our sweet spoiled "first" child has handled having a baby in the house better than either of us ever could have anticipated.

She knows she can sniff the baby, lick/kiss hands, and lick feet, but can't lick face.  And she mostly abides by that. 

She knows to walk around the baby not over the baby.

She knows if we say "no more kisses" to leave him alone.

When she's out in the backyard taking care of business and I need her to go inside I say "where's your baby?" and she runs inside.

And he's starting to notice her.  He likes to touch her fur and tongue when she's around.  He follows her around the room with his eyes, and now rolls in her direction when she's nearby,

The Dais?  She is awesome and we are lucky to have such an amazing dog and "big sister".

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting the hang of this

We have had a full weekend.  Susann has had several events this weekend that left Robbie is my tender care for HOURS at a time.  Susann had a friend lunch with her BFFs Angela and Tamar on Saturday. Robbie and I hung out at the crib doing man things like drinking milk and burping.  Also watched the "Top Ten Fighters of all Time" - you guessed it (Robbie got it on his second try) the P-51D was #1.

The big news of the weekend was the birth of James Hudson Beck to Meredith and Mathew.  Susann made the trip over today to check on everyone and Mom and child (and Dad) are doing well.  Once again yours truely was left in charge for several hours and we both made it through alive - I hate to brag (it is our blog though) but we have a great kid and his old man did ok.

We finished up the weekend on somewhat of a sour note - while rocking my child to sleep tonight the rocking chair that we bought for $60 decided to break - exciting! ^%%$#$@!  Robbie is fine as am I but I am still grumpy but we (I) will get over it.
Guess who dressed the baby this morning?