Saturday, December 14, 2013

In Case Annie Asks..

In case Annie asks in a few years, we did have  a "party" for her at school for her 1st, complete with pears, cantaloupe and cupcake. Big brother even came over from his class for the celebration.

 When she finished hers, she went for her neighbor's!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


This kid isn't messing around.

His name, apparently, is Robert.

Not Robbie.


PS.  Robert likes trains, playgrounds, letters, numbers, and playing with his sister and cousins.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Learning Words

Have I said it before?

(And I'm cursing myself by saying it)

But I.  Love.  Two.

It is witty and surprising and all around fun. 

But the words?  The words are the best.

Robster is in the piecing words and thoughts together, and starting to REALLY pick up on what others say.  Chose words carefully, or you may regret it.

Some of my favorites:

"S'ok Annie.  Don't cry." while waving his hand in the ok symbol.

"Bye alligator!" (I'm assuming this comes from combining Goodbye and See you later alligator)

"AWW MAN!" whenever things don't go his way.

When asked where we are going after Thanksgiving, the answer is often "Uncle Matt's house."

Even little insertion of humor.  He LOVES to say things fall down.  Usually starts with "Uhoh, pumpkin fall down.", followed by "Uhoh, pizza fall down!" and "Uhoh, Ms. Theresa (his teacher), fall down!"

If we go to Costco, he chants "bananas, apples, diapers, and cake for Donna" (we once bought a cake there for our Pastor.  Once.)

He sings along to music in the car, knows most of the words to Carolina In My Mind, and the CD of 50s and 60s hits that Aunt Robin gave us... his favorite "Oooh baby, that's what I like" from Chantilly Lace.  I don't love it as much when he tries to sing along to the Three Tenors.  It is very... yelly.

And when those songs he likes ends?  He YELLS "ANOTHER SONG!".  Cute in the car.  Cringeworthy after the organ solo in church.

He "prays" before dinner, and wants to do it alone.

And the favorite from the doomed stomach flu road trip where Dad was a yeoman.  "Dada fix it."

Something's going wrong?  Feeling sad?  "Dada fix it."

Warms my heart, and I know Shawn loves it too.

You come from a long history of talkers, buddy.  Get with the program!