Thursday, August 18, 2011


Actually.  Not pandemonium.  The very opposite of that.

Bed rest.  It is getting tiring.

Monday was decent.  Had enough work to do to hack through it, with a surprise lunch visit from AK bearing a delicious Longworth buffalo wrap.

Tuesday ended up being full of doctor's appointments, so passed quicker than anticipated.... with the added fun of feeling really sorry for myself because it was my birthday and kind of... stunk.

Jess came over for lunch yesterday, followed by JK, his puppy Cooper and his Wii.   We played like T was there to beat, and had a great time.

And then there was today.  Today I'm soliciting additional work from colleagues.  I'm passing off all my client workflows.  I'm making the "Labor List" and the "Baby's Here" List.  I'm on client calls and writing proposals.  And I'm feeling suffocated.

I'm watching out the windows around 11 hoping to see the food trucks driving into town.

I'm reading (and sympathizing with) inane neighborhood discussions on the community listserv.

I'm reporting neighbors for dumping violations.

I'm quite afraid that by next Thursday I'm going to be crazy cat lady.

But to think.  By this time next week.  Baby will either be here or be en route.

Holy Pandemonium.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 8

1) My belly exploded
2) Daisy won't sit more than 2 ft away from me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Bedrest: Part 2

It's official.

It definitely stinks to be on bedrest for your birthday.

I love my birthday.  More than any adult should. 

The birthday-- the only day of the year that is just about you.  The secret narcissist in me was hoping that Baby E wouldn't make his appearance today.  You know, because it isn't fair to HIM to share a birthday with his Mom.

Shawn threw my suitcase in the car this morning, just to go with the thought that if you build it, he won't come.

I had my next-to-last doctor's appointment today, so at least I was able to get out of the house for awhile.  And awhile turned out to be much longer than expected when Dr. J said... "You've got a large baby in there.  We need to make sure we aren't dealing with a 10-pounder."


10 pounds is a lot of baby. Especially for a baby that has consistently been measuring a little bit behind. And oh, by the way, he has NO interest in coming out, so he's going to need a little medical help to do so.

The good news?  My blood pressure was back to normal, as were my liver enzymes.

So my 15 minute doctor's appointment turned into a return trip back this afternoon for a final ultrasound to check on sizing. 

And whew.  Baby E is measuring a couple ounces above 8 pounds (give or take).  If he was over 9, my scheduled induction was most likely to turn into a scheduled ultrasound for next Thursday.

So after 5 hours out of bedrest, the rest of my evening grand plans became not so grand.  A Subway tuna sub for dinner, and a piece of red velvet cake Shawn brought home. 

I'm so fancy.

Bedrest Birthday

Early reports are in.

Bedrest Birthday? 

Is a bummer.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Sore Winner

I'll let you make your own judgments on how the fabled Trivial Pursuit game went down on Saturday night, but I think Shawn was pleasantly surprised at his wife's vast array of useless knowledge.

And surprising mastery of some useful knowledge.

The board may or may not have looked like this at the end of the evening.

That would be six pie pieces.

To four.

In 42 minutes flat.

He has not taken me up on my offer to play again.

So let the record stand. Sore Winners - 1. Shawn - 0.

Tomorrow, more on the pregnancy and the bedrest. Today? The gloating.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Somtimes we make sacrifices.

As everyone reading this blog knows, Susann has been sentenced to 10 days of hard bed rest.  She has been handling it fairly well and getting a great deal done online.  You have heard people saying that they will be working from home -  Susann is one of those people who can actually get as much - if not some times more - done at home than in the office.

Well anyhow late yesterday afternoon/early evening Susann decided that she was bored and that it was my job to provide the evenings entertainment.   We decided to play Trivial Pursuit and after a heated match Susann won - of course I let her win to keep her spirits up.  It work exactly as I planned because she was quite pleased with herself.  Sacrifices most be made and I am more than happy to do whatever it takes to keep Susann happy during the home stretch.

10 days to go.