Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello Palmetto Baby readers. It's Paula - Shawn's sister in town visiting for the long holiday weekend from South Carolina. As many of you may know, I lived in the DC area for nearly 15 years moving back to SC in 2006. There have been a only a few moments of regret since I moved away- that is until Robbie came onto the scene. It truly tugs at my heart sometimes to think of all I could be experiencing with him if I still lived in the area -those things insignificant and not so insignificant! What I know now is that every moment we (the entire SC Edwards gang!) spend with him is special. Every giggle, smile, and coo seem to garner an over-the-top reaction from one of us. And that's OK!

So, do I have any regrets about being so far away? Maybe, but I know there will be many memorable moments ahead with Robbie and I intend to enjoy each and every one!        

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