Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One is Fun!

Well, we officially have a toddler.  No more babies up in here.  (Until Decemberish).

What is one?

One is fun!

And tiring.

  • Robbie is an entertaining little dude.  He's starting to figure out how to crack himself up and likes to mimic funny noises or sounds we make.  He's a big fan of the throwing his head back belly laugh.
  • He's learned how to throw himself onto anything soft, and so far we've avoided disaster.  He likes to climb and crash onto the couch, pillows, our bed, his bed... anything softish.  Waiting for the head-conk disaster, but he's all boy.
  • He can cover the stairs in 20 seconds.  He's starting to learn how to back off of chairs, etc, but we are no where near comfortable with letting him do so without supervision.
  • He's sitting at the table at school.  Crazy.  How the heck can a 12 month old not be in a high chair?
  • He's given up all vegetables.  Feeds them straight to Daisy.  We had some success with cucumbers in Maine (which we hadn't tried before), so maybe we're just doing the wrong things...
The last of the monthly updates for Palmetto Baby #1... let's hope we have the time and energy to do them with baby 2!

Tomorrow I'll do a compilation of all the monthly photos.  Little dude is growing up!

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