Sunday, September 30, 2012


There is a strange phenomenon that hits a woman about this time in her pregnancy - NESTING.  To be fair our little girl is due December 3rd so it is time to start getting things in shape.  Our main issue is we are very close to being out of room here at the Casa de Edwards.  We are turning our guest room into the new baby room.  The man room that became the little man will now be the guest room. Lots of moving of furniture which is always FUN FUN in a house built in the 20s. 

Worst of all a great deal of what needed to be moved were books LOTS and LOTS of books.  I, like my Father, have always had a weakness for them.  Why would you ever check a book out from the library when you could own it?  The downside is that they take a lot of space and the weigh a great deal.

My honey-dos list seems to be growing long everyday but as always we will get it done.     

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  1. Ah, you are my people. I don't do libraries. I own 'em!