Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swimming update

Robbie and I (Shawn) have been taking swim lessons on Saturday morning.  Nothing like learning to swim to "Wheels on the bus" and Itsy Bitsy Spider".

I can't say that Robbie is the best swimmer in his class but he is doing ok.  I don't think he loves it but he doesn't cry and he listens (for the most part) to what I tell him to do.  He is not crazy at all about swimming on his back - don't want to exaggerate I hold him during all of this. 

They try to introduce a new milestone during each lesson and this past Saturday the big step was the kids going completely underwater for the first time.  The trick, and there always seems to be one, is count to 3 and on 4 blow into their face.  This cause them to take a breath and then you take them under.  Robbie did it 3 times and did it with a smile.  Half the class was crying but Robbie seemed not to be bothered in the least.

Next week is free swim - big step - I will report back on those results next week.

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