Sunday, December 9, 2012

She (they) stuck the landing

Done done and done.

Anna Helen Edwards was born at 10:09 on Monday, December 3rd.

I know full well people grow weary of of the "all I want is a healthy baby"routine, particularly those who don't have kids but there is no more dramatic moment than being in the OR for a c-section and seeing the amazing doctors (we heart you Dr. Mungman!) pull a child out of the person who you love more than life itself and being told that that "she looks great."

Like most people I love to complain but the reality is that I have so much to be thankful for.  I come from a loving family, I am married to an amazing lady and the Almighty has seen fit to bless us with two amazing children.  I can literally hear the words from on high - "Don't screw this up!" 

I just want to finish by saying how much I love and admire Susann.  She came through every trial of pregnancy with a smile on her face and I could not imagine raising Robbie and Anna Helen with anyone else.  I love you sweetheart!     

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