Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sleep regression & other happening

We have hit something of a wall with young Miss Anna Helen in regards to the sleep.  The obvious answer is that she is teething but no sign of teeth so far.  She is somewhat particular about when she goes to sleep as well. I swear it seems like if she is not in bed by 6:50 the world is going to end.  We missed the window by 5 minutes tonight and I thought she was going to shake rafters loose.  It is a good 45 minutes process to get her settled down all the while praying that she does not wake up Robbie.  Fortunately Robbie takes after me - the lad is sound sleeper.

In other news, Robbie was sick the end last week and most of the weekend and now appears to be ready to get back on the day care horse after being out Thursday and Friday.  Susann gets the Mom goldstar - she was Nurse Kitty to a sick little boy.

Lord willing we will stop the stomach virus at 1 member of the Edwards' household. 

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