Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the most Amazing Mom in the world.

The Almighty has seen fit to bless me and my family with Susann who brings order, joy and most importantly LOVE to everything we are and will become as a family.  She does so much - Thank you seems inadequate to the task but it certainly is a nice start.

Sometimes it seems that we will be overcome with all the "to dos" but Susann "has a plan."  We are not perfect, far from it, but it amazing what we have been able to accomplish so far which can not help but give us confidence for the future.

Thank you from me and know that I love you more each day - not sure how that is possible but it is and a "We Love you Mommy"from Robbie and Anna Helen.

Happy Mother's Day Susann

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