Monday, May 20, 2013

We bought a zoo!

Well, we went to the zoo.  For the first time ever. 

Robbie's teachers have been working on baby signs, and the month of April was devoted to animals.  He is a baby sign and animal noises superstar!  We practice them in the car on the way home.  So far, we've figured out that he knows: fish, bird, frog, rabbit, snake, alligator, dog, cat, cow, elephant, pigar, lion, tiger, be... And while he doesn't have a sign, he always says "RAFF" when he sees giraffes.

The zoo was a huge success until we realized that Robbie is afraid of otters.  And seals.  And any non-fish underwater sea life.

I think it blew his mind that the ZOO and ANIMALS were real things, not just things we talked about and read books about.  See: Cow.

So glad Robster's girlfriend, the Linders and her mom were able to join.  21 month olds like to hold each other's hands.  Cute and functional!

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