Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What People Need...

While I think I have never EVER read a mom-advice-blog-omg-there-are-so-many in my life, when someone links an article with a good tag or a good status message, I often link to it.

Sometimes it is about hahaha, kids do crazy things...

Sometimes it is about OMG infertility totally blows...

And other times it is just about LIFE.

Those times you have to remove the words KIDS and MOM and PARENT and DAD and just look at the important messages on life. 

Because at the end of the day I am a MOM.  I am also Susann.  I am a lobbyist and a hard worker.  I'm a reality show devotee and a karaoke singer.  I'm a margarita lover and a period film hater.  And I'm a seeker in making life a little better for myself.  And if there's an ounce left?  Making it better for those around me.

So promise me if you are kid-ed or non-kids.  If you are married or unmarried.  If you are faithful or not.  There are just some simple messages in this blog that sing to me.

There are just things people need.


People need to be looked in the eye when you ask how they are.

They need the question "how are you?" to not be a polite response that OMG, we learned this in French 101, Spanish 101, and English 101?  Comme ce va?  Como tallez vous?  How are you?

Me?  I'm good.  Really good.

But I'm guilty of dispensing the "How are you?"  Accepting the "fine"  and moving on.

Look in the eyes.  Look beyond the answer into the person.  You might be surprised what you find!

You might find UNADULTERATED JOY that the person is just waiting to exclaim what a great day they are having.

You might find GRIEF that just needs an open window and five minutes of an unbiased ear.

You might find inane opinions on Game of Thrones or Dance Moms or the NHL playoffs.

But you may find grace.  And kindness.  And reality.

You may find someone who needs to be called a BADASS because they are a BADASS.

You may find someone who needs an anchor. A rudder.  Or some advice that you never knew you had in your to dispense.

My life has been that way.  It always has.  :Unexpected icebergs, but also unexpected joyful windows.

Moments where all seemed right in the world because someone took the time to look in my eyes when my "fine" really wasn't fine and let me open the doors to let out grief and frustration and confusion and outright unhappiness.

And you maybe, just maybe will find someone that will need you. And you will need them.  And we'll help each other.

And really?  Isn't that what life is all about?

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